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Giraffe Baby Shower Ideas

giraffe baby shower theme 150x150 Giraffe Baby Shower Ideas Fun Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Ideas A unique idea to incorporate into your baby shower is the giraffe. Whether Mom-to-be loves giraffes, or you are looking for a unique way to celebrate the arrival of a new little one into the world, a giraffe-themed baby shower is a great idea. Natural themes are popular, and giraffes are a fun and interesting way to bring the natural world to your baby shower plans. Images of mama and baby giraffes will tie in the concept of the baby shower with this unique and special animal. Think about characteristics of the giraffe that make it stand apart amongst the animal kingdom. The giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world and known for its long legs, slender neck, and beautiful eyes. These images, combined with the truly fascinating pattern of Read more

March 28th is Something On a Stick Day

march 28th is something on a stick day 150x150 March 28th is Something On a Stick Day A Silly March Celebration Did you expect such a silly celebration such as 'Something on a Stick Day'? Perhaps not, although if I were to hear about this holiday, I would probably assume it would happen sometime in the summer when the state fair is going on. This is typically when you see all the crazy new things that people can eat on a stick. However it is much earlier when March 28th comes around (this year and every year) and you can proudly announce you are celebrating 'Something on a Stick Day' by trying one of these many options that I'll mention below. History of the Holiday Where did this wacky day come from? Unfortunately, myself and many others were unable to find the origin of where this wacky holiday came from. All we know is that it's Read more

Child's Birthday Party Planning Tips

childs birthday party planning tips 150x150 Childs Birthday Party Planning Tips Plan The Best Kids Birthday Party Planning a birthday party for your child is an exciting and important occasion. You want your child and his or her friends to have a great time and you want to be able to relax at the party as well. By being prepared and organized, you can easily accomplish these two goals. By following these simple tips and using the resources outlined in this article, you should be able to plan a stress-free and memorable party for your child. I recommend planning the party 4-6 weeks in advance to leave yourself plenty of time to get everything organized. And for all of you that have already had the party, be sure to leave your party planning tips and lessons learned in the comments. Everyone is an expert in something! 1) Choose A Party Theme Themes Read more

8 Fun Baby Shower Themes

8 fun baby shower theme ideas 150x150 8 Fun Baby Shower ThemesThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. I recently attended a fun and unique baby shower where the host asked guests to give book gifts because the expectant Mother wanted to have a collection of books to read her baby. It got me thinking about other unique themes for baby showers. When shopping for a gift, it was fun looking through children's books and reminiscing about a childhood favorite that I ended up giving as part of the gift (The Little Engine That Could). Here are some great baby shower themes that will get your guests creative juices flowing as they try to find gifts that fall within their assigned theme. Guests will have fun finding gifts that they might not normally consider. These Read more

Chocolate Corporate Gift Ideas

chocolate corporate gift ideas 150x150 Chocolate Corporate Gift Ideas Business Gifts: How to Shop Buying gifts can be a tricky business; what does the recipient want, and more importantly, what does she not want? Does she have this, does she have that? It can be very difficult to buy for the people we know intimately; buying for those we may not know as well may at first seem much harder. But it can be delightfully and deliciously easy. Next time you are going to give corporate gifts, think chocolate. Making Chocolate Special And why chocolate? Chocolate is almost universally loved; Americans eat almost 12 pounds of it every year, so chances are very good that your recipients will love it - or that they'll bring it home for their family, who will love it! But what to give? Tossing a handful of chocolate Kisses into a bag Read more

Candy Bouquets - A Sweet Gift for Any Occasion

thank you candy bouquet 150x150 Candy Bouquets   A Sweet Gift for Any Occasion Candy Bouquet Gift Ideas Running out of ideas for gift giving? It can get a little tough to come up with creative ideas every time a birthday, holiday, or special occasion comes around. In fact, with so many different gift giving reasons, it's extremely challenging to come up with something you haven't given in a previous year. Well, this year you can give a new treat to those on your list. Give a candy bouquet that you make yourself or that you purchase online. Photo Credit: Thank You Candy Bouquet - what a great way to thank a business client or a colleague for a referral! This bouquet features full size candy bars and candies arranged in a fun gift box. Get Well Candy Bouquets When you need a gift for someone that is feeling under the weather, a gift Read more

Baby Feet Pitter Patter Shower

pitter patter baby feet baby shower ideas 150x150 Baby Feet Pitter Patter ShowerThis post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links. Throw The Perfect Baby Footprint Shower Mom & Dad will soon be hearing the pitter patter of little feet so incorporate those tiny footprints into a shower theme seems like a natural choice. Planning a shower involves choosing invitations, making food and a cake, decorating, giving party favors and so much more. All those tasks can make the planning process a bit stressful. To help reduce your stress, I've put together this article with some of my favorite ideas for baby feet themed showers. From the invitations to the baby shower food to the decorations, this lens covers it all providing photos and links to resources where you can find instructions or buy baby Read more
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