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Train Themed Baby Shower

Train Themed Baby Shower

Image by pinkbishie on Flickr

Throw An Awesome Train Themed Baby Shower

All aboard! Celebrate the soon arrival of the new little bouncing baby boy with a choo choo train themed baby shower. This fun-filled post contains ideas for train-themed party food, invitations, decorations, baby shower gifts and more. So grab your ticket and hop aboard for one of the best baby showers you've ever planned (or attended)!

If you've hosted a train baby shower and have some ideas to share, please feel free to add them to the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Train Baby Shower Invitations

Train Baby Shower Invitations

When it comes to invitations, you have several options depending on your budget and schedule. If you have a good sized budget and want custom invitations that are printed especially for your shower with all of the details, you can find train-themed invites at many online shops. The train baby shower invitations shown in the photo are available at on our baby page!

The second option is to buy fill-in invitations that have a train on the front and blanks on the inside where you must hand-write all of the shower details such as the RSVP info, the name, date, location, time, etc. These invitations are usually purchased in conjunction with matching tableware or other party supplies. They are much more affordable than custom invitations, but beware of hand cramping if you have lots of people coming to the shower.

If you'd like to use your creativity, why not make your own baby shower invitations? I found this adorable sample along with instructions at Make Your Own Invitations.

The other option is to create some train-themed invites on your computer or craft them from construction paper and scrap booking supplies.

Here are some sample verses:

All aboard... to celebrate [Mom-to-be's name]'s Baby Shower!

Inside the card:

[Mom-to-be's name]'s Station

Please meet at Track # (street address)



RSVP: To Station Master [Hostess' First Name] @ [phone number]


All Aboard! [Mom-to-be's name]'s little one is on the way... it's time to help her get ready for the big day!


Chug, Chug, Choo, Choo...

Time for [mom-to-be's name]'s baby shower and we've invited you!

Train Themed Shower Decorations

Train Themed Shower Decorations

Welcome your party guests to the station in style by using these fantastic decorating ideas! One of the first things you need to decide on is the color scheme for the party. If you decide to go with baby blue and white tableware like that shown in the photo, then obviously you should decorate with blue and white streamers, balloons and other accessories. However you can also go with a primary color scheme that is red, blue, yellow and black. Many party stores sell train tabletop items such as plates, napkins, beverage cups and more with trains in those colors.

For a creative entrance to the party, use some sidewalk chalk to draw train tracks up to the front door where you have a sign that reads [mom-to-be's name]'s Baby Shower Station. You can even buy a professionally printed personalized baby shower banner that has a train theme to hang above the door.

Be sure to have a pair of overalls, denim conductor cap, a whistle and a red bandana for Mom to wear... she is the conductor after all!

Buy, borrow or use your own little toy train set to place on the gift or buffet table. And consider purchasing or making a boy baby diaper cake to sit front and center on the table. The great thing about diaper cakes is that they act as both the centerpiece and the shower gift for baby and mom.

Train Theme Food Ideas

Add the choo choo train theme to your buffet table in these clever ways! Use your own toy train or borrow one from a friend if possible to lay tracks all around the table and then place a train on the tracks. If you can't find a toy train with tracks, use a simple white plastic table cloth and either paint or draw an oval train track with black paint around the outside edge of the tablecloth.

For the party snacks, you can craft some small trains yourself out of cardboard and paint them to look like the real thing. Add plastic tubes or straws for the axles and use big buttons or jar lids for the wheels. Fill them with snacks for a fun look.

Train themed baby shower food

Image by pinkbishie on Flickr

Another fun idea is to create a sandwich train. As described above, use a white tablecloth that has black tracks painted on it. Then make some flatbed train cars where you can lay sandwiches. Place the train cars/sandwiches around the track. I recommend using an actual toy train engine at the front of the line to make it a bit more realistic looking. If you'd rather have the entire thing be edible, you can use celery or carrots for the train tracks and lay the sandwiches on top. Then use ritz bitz sandwiches, chocolate covered oreo cookies or even banana slices to make the train wheels. Get more great sandwich train ideas here.

You can use train cookie cutters to make just about any food into a train shape. It works great for sugar cookies, finger sandwiches, jello jigglers, and cheese slices. You can also create a fruit train by cutting the large chunks of watermelon into rectangles and then using a melon baller to create wheels that are held in place with toothpicks.

For the punch, try to make a color that goes with your color scheme. For example, I'd recommend a blue fizzy punch if you are going with a classic baby blue and white train color scheme.

Finally, a train baby shower cake is a must. See the great ideas for Wilton train cakes below and also the video which gives detailed instructions for creating your very own train cake.

Train Cake Ideas

Train Cake Ideas

Photo Credit: Wilton Train Cake Ideas

Get instructions to create any of the fun and clever train cakes shown above by clicking on the aforementioned link. Wilton also sells train-shaped candles, candies and other decorations for your party.

How To Make A Train Cake

Train Themed Baby Shower Game Ideas

Train Themed Baby Shower Game Ideas

Trying to come up with baby shower games that have a train theme can be difficult, but here are a few ideas to get you started. The other option is to buy printable classic games that feature a train border on the paper.

Pin the Number of the Engine - Make a large train engine out of construction paper or draw an engine directly on a posterboard. Give each of the shower guest a train number where they can write their name and a piece of double-sided tape. Blindfold each of them and ask them to pin the number on the engine. The guest closest to the correct location on the engine wins the game. This is a twist on the classic pin the tail on the donkey game.

Train Ice Breaker Game - This great game idea from Birthday in a Box is a fun way to get your guests mingling and getting to know each other. Get the detailed instructions and pattern here. The main idea in the game is to give each guest that arrives a piece of a train puzzle (2 pieces per train) and ask them to find their partner so they can hook the train together. The first partners to find each other win the game.

Trains Word Search - Using your computer you can create your own train-themed word search or print out this FREE version from homeschooling.com.

Train Themed Shower Favor Ideas

Train Themed Shower Favor Ideas

Give your guests a little something to take home with them as a thank you gift. For train themed showers, consider buying train-shaped lollipops or making train-shaped decorated sugar cookies. Tuck them into baby themed cellophane bags and tie them with a satin or curling ribbon. Then tie on a personalized favor hang tag that features the shower date, the mom-to-be's name and of course a fun train design. You can make hang tags yourself on the computer and print them on avery labels or you can purchase them online.

For a truly elegant favor choice, consider a crystal train favor like the one shown in the photograph above. Your guests will cherish it for years to come as they display them in their homes. The photo also shows some other great baby shower favors such as choo choo train shaped soaps in a clear gift box with a personalized hang tag, containers of lip balm featuring personalized train stickers on the lids, and personalized candy bar wrapper favors that have an entire train pattern and cute ingredients list on the back of the label.

Train Themed Shower Gift Ideas

Train Themed Shower Gift Ideas

Here are some cute ways to tie your baby shower gift in with the shower theme. Things like toy trains, silver-plated train banks that can be personalized, and train themed room decor are great gift choices.

If the nursery will be featuring a train theme, consider giving bedding, lamps, and other accessories. Many companies sell baby clothing and bibs that feature train appliques. Obviously, these items are a great choice too.

Father's Day Gadget Gifts

This post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

Father's Day Gadget Gifts

Great Gadget Gift Ideas for Dad!

What man does not love gadgets? They seem to have an endless fascination with these modern day "tools" that are often useful, sometime infuriating, and always a topic of conversation. I consulted my gadget-loving husband for some his favorite gadgets, or the ones he wished he had!

Your Dad will be proud to show off any of these gadgets the next time he gets together with his friends. Imagine how impressed they'll be when they find out you bought it for him, as a Father's Day present. Talk about gadget envy!

The King of Gadgets - James Bond

Portable GPS System

The GPS devices have really come down in price the past couple of years, while becoming more reliable and storing more information than ever. The best part about the portable systems is Dad can take it with him in the car or even on foot or on bike. Many new systems include trail maps and other recreational information, making a hand-held GPS useful for more than just finding that new restaurant. Of course, he can still use it to help navigate his way through traffic. It's also a great gift for guys that travel a lot, as they can get restaurant recommendations or find the office for their big meeting. Since we know they'll never stop and ask for directions anyway, at least this way they won't have to!

All-in-One Remote

Is your coffee table filled with multiple remotes to handle the TV, DVD player, cable box, stereo, and more? Does trying to do something simple like watch a movie involve so many steps it feels like a launch sequence for the Space Shuttle? If you'd like to simplify his life (and yours), get one of the new programmable remotes. These aren't just a single remote that can control all the electronics in your family room; they can execute multiple steps with the single push of a button. Most are actually programmed by connecting them to your computer, where you follow a set-up wizard one time.

What makes them so great is the buttons are set-up around the actual task you want to perform. For example, let's say you just opened up a movie gift basket and put the movie in the DVD player. You simply click "Watch DVD" on the remote, and it will turn on the TV, change it to the right input, turn on the stereo and set that to the DVD setting, turn on your DVD player, and turn off anything that was on previously. It does all of that with a single press of a button! Even better, the fast forward / rewind buttons now will operate your DVD player, and not your CD player, because it knows what activity you are currently doing. These remotes are a life-saver and one of my current favorite gadgets for anyone.

Wireless Grill Meat Thermometer

If your father loves the barbeque, then this is one handy tool he is bound to appreciate. He can insert the thermometer into whatever he is cooking, then go back to watching the big game on the TV inside, and still keep an eye on his grilling duties by watching the temperature. Some models even have an alarm in case he nods off during the 7th inning stretch. This one is also handy when the weather is cooler and he doesn't want to be outside the whole time, or with larger cuts of meat that might take hours to grill on low.

P.S. A grilling themed gift basket would be a great choice too!

Swiss Army Golf Tool

From the makers of one of the all-time best selling gadgets, the Swiss Army Knife, comes a sport twist perfect for the duffer dad. If it's summer, it's golf season, which means it's time to head out to the links for the annual rite of unbridled optimism that all golfers share. The beauty of this little golf gift is it has all the things a golfer should have handy, and they come in one tool. There's a divot repair tool for the times he's lucky enough to land on the green, and a ball marker in case his putt is out of tap-in range, plus many more useful tools that only the Swiss would think of.

Swiss Army Golf Tools & More

Handheld Sports Trivia Game

Warning! Buying this for your father may result in him completely ignoring you for hours at a time. There's nothing like watching a bunch of men asking what you might consider to be absolutely ridiculous and arcane sports trivia questions, only to have one of them shout out the answer, followed inevitably by a round of high-fives and maybe even some fist pumping and yelling. Nevertheless, if your father is into sports trivia, this little toy is one of my favorite gifts for sports lovers and it will have him smiling.

Outdoor Weather Station

Does your dad watch the weather channel obsessively? Does he quote you the current barometric pressure in millibars and talk about fronts moving in and relative humidity? If so, he'll love a weather station gadget for Father's Day. They come in a dizzying array of options, and some even include moon phases, barometric pressure and other weather stats, in addition to the actual temperature outside.

Portable Breathalyzer

If he likes to go to the bar and you're concerned about his or friend's driving safety, this is one item you'll want him to carry. These new gadgets will fit in a pocket (or purse) and give an instant readout of blood alcohol level when you breathe on them. It's always better to be safe than sorry if he's out drinking, and this gadget will help insure he arrives home okay.

Portable Breathalyzers

Wireless Headphones for MP3 Player / iPod

If your father spends a lot of time listening to his iPod, he will probably enjoy some wireless headphones. This nifty gadget will allow dad to listen to his portable music player without any wires. He'll love not having to worry about getting tangled while working out, raking leaves, or just relaxing in his recliner and listening to music. Most of the brands include an adapter to work with any portable player and include volume adjustments. There are some manufactured for specific brands too, like the iPod, that will even let him skip play, pause, and skip songs, all from the headphones. Buy this unique gift for him and he'll feel like the coolest dad on the block wearing these headphones.

High School Graduation Gift Ideas 2015

High School Graduation Gift Ideas 2015

Graduation Parties

If you are here, then the odds are, you've got a graduate in your life who has just completed the big milestone of High School. Just what do you gift this special person with? An ordinary congratulations gift just won't do in this situation!

You have to think creatively and plan a graduation gift that will be a welcomed surprise. So how do you do that? There are so many new things out there! Well here are some ideas to get you started, because it's time to give you some ideas!

Paraphrase Their Personality

Choose Something That Matches

Match your gift to the student's personality. If you have a real music fan, you might look into getting a gift card good for 1,000 song downloads for their mp3 player, or get them credits they can use for iTunes. They'll love being able to select their own songs, and your graduation gifts will go a long way as tunes are relatively cheap-usually 99 cents each. Wrap it all up with a new iPod and you're a hero.

Book gift basketFor The Book Lover

Bookworms Like Gifts Too!

For the book lover on your list, why not give them a new e-reader tucked into a nice book gift basket with gift cards for e-books?

The technology in these little machines is amazing. You can now purchase e-readers that are so much more than just electronic books. You can also browse the Internet, shop online, and send and receive email. They can also play an amazing amount of music.

The storage capabilities are vast and graduates can create their own playlists from songs they download. The machines are small enough to be stowed in a purse or backpack and your graduate will be the envy of all his friends.

Modern Grad Gift Ideas

Graduates Love Cash!

Graduation gift ideasAs Long As They're Receiving It

Another gift that is always welcome at graduation is cash, but the way you package the cash can make it fun and unique. Consider placing the cash inside a puzzle. Stores sell maze puzzles that are plastic. You insert the bills inside it then close it. The box can't be opened until the recipient solves the maze. It's usually pretty easy to complete, but a fun challenge.

You can also make a dollar tree. Get a wire form from a craft store and decorate it with dollar bills. You can find a form that's used for displaying photos that has wire arms. Attach bills to each of the arms and you'll be able to say that just this once, money does grow on trees.

Look To Their Future

Their Future's Bright - Will They Need Sunglasses?

The way to make a graduation gift unique and special is to think about what the recipient will need as they move on to the next stage of their lives. It could be that they are backpacking through Europe before college and could use a pair of hiking boots.

You could give a gift certificate that allows him or her to choose the pair they want. Perhaps they could use a great leather bag for traveling. Make a special purchase at a great leather goods store and select something you know they can't help but fall in love with.

Make it Special

A Gift Just For Them!

Graduation gifts need not be overly expensive, but they should be very thoughtful. Include a card with a special graduation day quote in it or a photo of the student when they were younger. Any special touches you can add to make the day extra special and memorable for your graduate will be remembered.

Think of how you know the graduate and any special memories you've shared. Then build a gift around something that relates to those special moments. Your gift will be really heartfelt and received with much graciousness.

Laugh. Dance. Graduate.

Throwing a Grad Party

Graduation gift ideasHere's Some Tips For You!

If you're the lucky parent or guardian who is hosting the graduation party, props to you! You recognize that this is a special time in their life and it calls for celebration!

Planning a big party like this, however, can be stressful because it's a lot of work! But as long as you are organized and prepared, the process will be an easy puzzle to complete.

Here are some helpful tips on what to keep on your planner:

  • Send graduation invitations at least 4-6 weeks before the party.
  • Have a plan for food, whether you are cooking or catering in.
  • Don't forget the graduation favors or even graduation cookie favors for your guests.
  • Do you have enough tables and chairs?
  • Your guests will appreciate games or activities for the kids.
  • Do you have a restroom prepared?
  • Prepare an area to celebrate the graduate. Photos, proud moments, trophies, etc.

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. ~Aristotle

Baby Carriage Themed Shower

Baby Carriage Themed Shower

Baby Carriage - Stroller - Buggy - Pram Themed Shower

Baby Carriage Themed Shower

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage! Using a stroller or carriage theme for a baby shower is a popular choice these days and why not?

This theme is perfect for girls or boys. And fortunately if you are planning a carriage baby shower, it is fairly easy to find party favors, shower gifts, and decorations sporting a fun carriage or stroller motif.

If you've been to a fun baby shower that had a carriage theme, please leave your ideas and tips for planning a successful event in the comments at the bottom of this post.

Carriage Baby Shower Invitations

Several online retailers sell a line of shower party supplies with a 'Shower Fun' motif and you can find fill-in baby shower invitations that coordinate perfectly with all those supplies.

Alternatively, you can purchase fully customized baby shower invitations such as the ones shown to the right that feature both a carriage theme along with all the shower details pre-printed. These invites are available at All About Gifts & Baskets, but you can find custom invites at many online and local retailers.

Keep your budget in mind when choosing the type of invite that you plan to use for the baby shower because fully personalized invitations can run anywhere from $1 to $3 each.

Another, often more affordable option, is to make one-of-a-kind invitations yourself. You can create your own adorable carriage themed baby shower invites by following instructions from one of the many DIY invitation sites online.

Fun Custom Carriage Themed Invites

Carriage Themed Shower Invitations

Baby Carriage Themed Partyware & Decor

Baby Carriage Themed Shower

Decorating for a stroller themed baby shower can be quite fun. If you have little girls, you'll likely have a few doll strollers around the house. If not, you can borrow a few from friends. Fill them with stuffed animals or use them as a place to display gifts at the party.

I suggest buying at least a few pieces of carriage themed baby shower tableware such as plates and napkins like those shown in the photo to the right. As you can see, the tableware is gender neutral in terms of color scheme. However, you can theme your entire shower around the tableware. If you choose the items to the right, you can use pink and blue streamers and balloons whereas if you choose the stroller fun partyware shown below, you should go with yellow, green and black streamers and baby shower balloons.

For the centerpiece, consider making a gift presentation in either the stroller that the group bought as a gift for Mom or buy a baby diaper cake that is shaped like a stroller. Another option is to buy a small baby carriage at a craft store like Michael's, add some floral foam, and make a fresh flower arrangement for the centerpiece.

Baby Carriage Shower Food Ideas

For the baby shower, pull out your favorite appetizer and bite-sized snack recipes. One fun way to theme the food around a baby carriage is to make sandwiches such as chicken or egg salad and then use a baby carriage shaped cookie cutter to cut-them into small stroller shapes. This same technique can be used to make some fun carriage-shaped jello (make the jello in a large jellyroll pan and then cut-out with the cookie cutter), carriage shaped cheese slices and of course iced cookies. When choosing a punch recipe for the shower, choose something that coordinates with your color scheme. You can find recipes for just about any color including pink, blue, green and yellow punches.

One of the most clever centerpiece and shower buffet ideas that I've seen for a carriage themed baby shower is the watermelon fruit-filled carriage shown in the following photo. You can get VERY detailed instructions on how to create your very own carriage masterpiece by clicking here.

Baby Carriage Watermelon


Baby Carriage Shower Cakes

Baby Carriage Themed Shower

Images by Wilton.com

Whether you call it a baby carriage, a stroller or a pram, the Wilton cake idea team has got you covered. Get the products, step-by-step instructions and icing tint guides that you'll need to create each of the cakes shown above by clicking here.

I also love the baby carriage cake design shown below from Pink Cake Box.

Awesome Baby Stroller Shaped Cake - Video Instructions

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Carriage Themed Shower

There are a few baby shower games that are especially suitable for a carriage theme, but if you are more of a traditionalist, I've included a couple ideas for common games below:

Baby Stroller Obstacle Course - If you are having an outdoor party where you have a large lawn or area for the race, this game is a fun activity for guests that don't mind running around. Before the shower, you will need to find a stroller and put a baby-sized doll in it. Then you will need to set-up an obstacle course in the yard using things like flags, orange cones, or yard objects such as lawn chairs, toys, pink flamingos, etc.) in a pattern around your yard to serve as the race course boundaries. Use the trees in the yard as course corners to go around.

When you are ready to play the game at the shower, show the guests the obstacle course by taking them around the boundaries so guests can see where to go. Have each guest take a turn pushing the stroller with baby through the obstacle course recording how long it takes them. If baby falls out of the stroller, they are automatically disqualified. If they hit a cone or another object such as a lawn chair, add 2 seconds to their time. The guest with the fastest time wins the game. Be sure to have your camcorder ready to record this funny event! Great for co-ed showers.

Baby Food Guessing Game - Buy 10 to 12 small jars of baby food and remove the labels (be sure to mark a number on the side of the jars with a permanent marker and keep a master list of what food corresponds to what number (so you can determine the winner). Give all of the guests a blank piece of paper and a pencil. Either place the jars on a tray or pass the jars of baby food around the circle and have the guests write down what kind of baby food they think is in each jar. They can't taste or touch the food - they are only allowed to smell and look at it. The guest who gets the most right wins the game.

Don't Say Baby Game - When the guests arrive at the shower, give each of them a yarn necklace that has a tiny plastic baby carriae on it (available at party supply shops). Any time they get 'caught' saying the word baby during the shower, they must give one of their carriages to the person that caught them. At the end of the baby shower, the person with the most mini baby carriages wins a prize.

Guess How Many Game - Fill a jar or large glass container with a baby colorful blue and pink or green and yellow jelly belly jelly beans. When guests arrive at the party, have them estimate how many items are in the container. The one closest to the correct number wins (either the jar of candy or another prize).

ABC Baby Alphabet Game - Make up game sheets on your computer (add some baby carriage or stroller clip art in the corners) or hand out blank pieces of paper where the guests write down the letters A thru Z in a long column down the left hand side of the piece of paper. Then, tell the guests that they have 2 minutes to write down a baby related term or item for each letter of the alphabet. For instance, Carriage for C and Stroller for S. The guest that has the most letters filled in wins the game. You could award extra points for hard letters like Q to make it easier to determine a winner.

Baby Carriage Shower Party Favors

Baby Carriage Themed Shower

Pink or Blue Carriage Themes Are Available Online!

As you can see from the above photograph, there are a wide range of favors with a carriage theme on the market today. That means that you can likely find a party favor within your price range ($.75 to $4 each) and taste preferences as well. Just a few of the options are personalized drink favors such as lemonade or coffee, pink or blue glitter carriage candle favors, carriage themed photo frames, and high-quality crystal baby carriage favors. For those of you that want a more eco-friendly favor, consider the carriage shaped favor seed packets that guests can use to plant wildflowers in their yards.

If you'd prefer to make your own favors, you can find carriage-shaped favor gift boxes or small round pink or blue boxes that have a stroller motif. Fill them with your favorite candies or small thank you gift to show your guests how much the expectant Mom appreciates them sharing in her special day.

Stroller Themed Shower Gifts

Baby Carriage Themed Shower

Give a gift that ties in perfectly with the theme!

If you are hosting a stroller themed shower for a Mom on the go, she'll likely have a stroller or baby carriage on her gift list. These items are often quite expensive so try to coordinate with several of the other guests to buy the carriage and get it assembled prior to the shower. It can double as both a gift from some of the guests as well as a great place for other guests to place their gifts when they arrive at the shower. Just leave the stroller unwrapped and have guests either place their gifts in or around the stroller for an adorable present display.

As shown in the above photo, you can find cookie gift baskets with a carriage themed tote bag, stroller-shaped gift baskets filled with all kinds of baby necessities such as bath products and baby blankets, personalized room signs with carriages, and even diapers rolled to look like a baby carriage (add some socks for wheels and a teddy bear baby).

Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

This post contains Amazon affiliate links and we will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

Green Thumbs Unite

Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

If you have a gardener on your list or if you have just discovered your passion for gardening, there are several tools you'll want to make sure are in the tool shed. All are necessary and can be purchased at hardware stores or garden nurseries. Without the right tools, it's difficult to get the results you want from your garden.

If you're choosing for yourself, buy the best. If you're purchasing a gardener gift for a friend, go with what you can afford comfortably.

You can always buy a few smaller tools and then go back and gift your friend with a more expensive one later for the next holiday.

Here are ten of the most needed tools for the avid gardener.

Image courtesy of Chiot's Run on Flickr

Garden Weeder

Your BFF in Weeding

This little beauty saves the back a lot of strain when working on your garden. It's used while standing up and eliminates the need to bend to pull a weed. I don't know about you, but working hunched over in my garden quickly makes my back sore.

It's a grabber on the end of a stick. Which is ingenious. There are, of course, a number of different brand names you can pick from, but just look at the design to choose the right one.

Top 5 Garden Tools - From the "Plant Doctor"

Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

Pot Lifter

Does the Heavy Lifting

When using this pot lifter tool, as you can imagine from the name, makes lifting heavy potted plants a breeze. Which is always a tricky task!

It's used by two people, one on each side. A handle goes under the heavy pot and it can be moved to its new destination with ease.

Whether you're moving pots, LARGE produce, logs or garden supplies, this tool comes in handy!

Image by Amazon.com

Pick a Pocket Organizer - Wrap a Bucket


For Your Knees!

Every gardener could use some sort of a combo kneeler and seat, depending on the type of gardening they do. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors/patterns - you could find a pink kneeler to put into their pink tool kit and make it all matching! But don't worry they all pretty much serve the same purpose! They save a lot of knee strain and they are also a good way to stay dry when working with moist soil.

Circle Hoe

Less Common But Helpful

A circle hoe allows gardeners to weed around plants and also to cultivate the soil in a unique way. Not sure how to use one, or what they look like? Check out the video below for some great information and tutorials, it'll come in handy for sure!

See a Circle Hoe in Action

Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

Garden Seeder

Why Do Yourself What This Can Do For You?

These little devices are necessary for getting tiny seeds into the right spot in the soil. You'll be surprised at completely handy these are!

The seed is placed on the seeder and then it shoots off into the earth at exactly the right location.

Maybe you don't want to get your hands dirty, or perhaps your short on time.

When there's a lot of seeds to be planted, this tool will certainly be your best friend.

Image by Amazon.com

Pot Creator

The Green Gardener's Dream

Growing a garden can be an organic, cost-effective and eco-friendly way to get your produce. But there are sometimes more start-up costs than necessary. This is a hand tool that is used to create pots out of newspaper. It's a great way to recycle, and the pots disintegrate in the garden once they're planted. It's perfect for starting seedlings indoors without cumbersome plastic trays.

Best Tools for Your Money - By Good Housekeeping


Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

In the case that your friend (or yourself) doesn't own a wheelbarrow, it's time to make the investment.

Today's wheelbarrows are back savers. They'll allow your gardening friend to fill up and make dumps of weeds and unwanted debris with ease.

Not only that, but they come in all kinds of modifications, colors and sizes. So no matter what you are looking for, there is a wheelbarrow waiting for you!

Image by Amazon.com

Sharp Scissors

Don't Cut Corners

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of scissors. Every gardener needs one pair that's kept solely for gardening. No one wants to ruin their 'good scissors' or waste time running back and forth finding a pair of scissors inside the house. This extra pair of scissors will be much appreciated in the long run!

If you know a guy or gal that always tends to use a knife instead of scissors, then consider giving them an engraved pocket knife. They'll love it and it'll always come in handy.

Start with your absolute necessities and grow your collection as you can afford it. Invest in quality tools that will last you the years.

Tool Sharpeners

Top 10 Must-Have Garden Tools For The Avid Gardener

Dull Tools Make for Dull Days

Without sharp tools, the gardener's work is twice as hard.

Give your friend a tool sharpener that will work on all her gardening tools and she'll be delighted.

Find tool sharpeners to help her keep her hobby sharp and efficient.

Image by Amazon.com

Strong Hose

The Hose Goes

Every cheap hose eventually springs a leak. Gift your gardener with a hose that's designed to last for years.

Make sure it has a water-saving nozzle and don't be afraid to invest in a good host reel so that the lawnmower never again runs over the hose. You will be very thankful later.

Gardening Gift Baskets

When Buying Garden Tools

What to Buy and Why

Gifting gardeners with tools is easy. There are so many great tools out there. But the basics are all you need if you're just getting started in your new hobby.

Add to your tool shed as money permits. You can do a lot with a few tools that are multi-taskers. Invest in the best you can afford and you won't be running back to the store all the time to replace a shoddy tool.

Don't have enough cash to put into tools? How about offering up garden favors? Volunteer to help them weed, plant, water, or pick produce. All of these are wonderful options and they will love the company.

Love Garden-Themed Parties?

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