Baby Bottle Shower Decorations

20090827 Baby Bottle Shower DecorationsDecorating for your bottle-themed shower can be lots of fun!  You can find bottle-themed tableware, balloons and baby shower favors that are both affordable and a perfect fit to your theme!

For your food table, you can purchase some inexpensive baby bottles at the nearest dollar store or discount center, then remove the nipple and fill each bottle with nuts, mints or candies so your guests can pour out as much as they want.

To decorate your guest tables, consider bottle-shaped baby shower candles like the ones pictured here.  You can either light the candles for some ambiance at your shower, or leave them packaged and let your guests know they can take one home.

A fun way to give motherly advice from guests who have "been there" is to create a tip jar for mom.  In this case a large plastic bottle is the perfect vessel to hold the tips.  Each guest can write their motherly advice/tip on a piece of paper and slip it into the bottle.  Then the host or guest of honor can transfer these tips into a keepsake album for future use.

For more ideas, visit this article on hosting a Bottle Themed Baby Shower.