All about Silpat Baking Sheet Liners

silpat liners All about Silpat Baking Sheet LinersBakers the world over are discovering that Silpat baking sheet liners are the ultimate luxury in home and professional baking. These sheets are designed to go on top of your cookie sheet. You bake right on them and nothing will stick to them. They are ingenious and really do work.  You can purchase them directly at

So what is Silpat? It’s actually a tightly woven material that is made of food grade silicone and fiberglass. It’s perfectly safe to cook on and will last for over 3,000 uses. This handy mat comes in many sizes, so get the one that’s right for your pan. You shouldn’t cut it or use any metal utensils on it. When you’re done baking, just wash it in soapy water, dry it and store it flat. Some people say you can roll it to store it, but the manufacturer recommends storing it flat.

Bakers know that the key to successful cookies is that they be perfectly cooked—never burnt or raw. The Silpat mat allows cookies to bake perfectly evenly without any sticking. You should not use a Silpat on an AirBake cookie sheet, however, as the cookies may undercook due to too much insulation from the pan. The Silpat provides some insulation and too much is overkill.

When using a Silpat, follow your recipe as you normally would and then drop the dough or place the cookie directly on the Silpat in the pan. Then bake as directed in your recipe. The Silpat is heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. You can walk away in confidence knowing that your cookies will be cooked in the recommended amount of time. But for the first few times you use it in your particular oven, you should stand by to check at the minimum baking time called for. They may be done earlier than you expect because of the Silpat.

Silpat has been around since the 1960s and is approved by the FDA. It is Kosher certified, too. You can use it in the microwave as well as a regular oven. You will never grease or spray it with any non stick chemical. It works every time without any additional greasing. In fact, if you grease it, you could ruin the surface.

Your Silpat mat will stay hot for a while after it comes out of the oven. So don’t reach for it with bare hands until it’s had a chance to cool.

You will be so amazed at the properties Silpat has for keeping things from sticking. You can bake a tray of chicken wings, nachos, even sugary candies or very thin cookies and nothing will stick to it. You are wise to get a few if you bake a lot so you can line all your pans. Perfect for baking all those holiday cookie gifts!

Why would you suffer through burnt, uneven, raw or broken cookies ever again when there’s a product like Silpat on the market? You’ll see professional chefs and bakers using these every day. That’s one reason their goodies come out so perfect. You have to be in on the little secrets if you want to be a better baker. And now you know!

Silpat mats are not very expensive compared with other baking equipment. And the investment you make in a product that will last you thousands of uses is minimal compared to the results you’ll get.