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How to Make Personalized Baby Shower Favor Tags

Published November 09, 2010        by Sarah

So you’ve found the perfect baby shower favors. That’s great. Now how do you make interesting tags for them? Get crafty with the materials you probably already have around the house and you’ll find you can create tags that will wow everyone.

The kind of tag you make should relate to what you’re giving as favors. If you’re giving a bottle of hand lotion or a candle, you’ll want to make a more delicate looking tag. If you’re giving candy or a picture frame, you can do something a little different. Try to think of tag styles that would coordinate with your favor. Pick out a color that’s in your favor or choose a coordinating color.

Say you’re giving a miniature bottle of jasmine hand lotion as your favor. You can create a gift favor tag that has jasmine flowers on it. Or, you could print out a scroll initial from your computer in a very ornate font with the mom’s initial and apply it to a silk leaf.

If you’re giving a picture frame favor, your tag can be displayed inside the frame. Take a piece of craft paper (or brown paper bag) and write your guest’s name on it with calligraphy pens. Or print out their names in a fun font from your computer. Slip it inside the frame. When all the frames are lined up, it will make a nice display.

One tag that works well for just about any gift is the mailing or shipping tag. These are made of oak tag and you can buy them at office supply stores. They come with twine already tied on them so it’s easy to tie them onto your favors. And because they are precut, you don’t have to do any cutting.

Pick up a bunch of mailing tags at the office store and get busy creating a little piece of art. Take a photo of the mom to be and copy it on a copier. Now you can decorate it with glitter, ink, found objects and trinkets, feathers or crayon. The more interesting you make your tags, the more fun it will be for everyone. This type of art is called altered art. The beauty of this art form is that you can use whatever you like and make it uniquely you. Use rubber stamps, paints and pastels. Whatever seems fun to you. Get a bunch of girls together for a tag decorating night. Bring out scraps of decorative paper, glue and images cut from magazines. You can do all sorts of new baby gifts like diapers and bottles and baby faces. Or just pick something you think the mom would like. Is she fond of teddy bears? Use rubber stamped images of teddy bears. Are you having a rubber duckie themed shower? Include images of ducks on your tags. The idea is to be as creative as possible. And don’t forget to turn the tag over and write each guest’s name on one.

When you’re finished creating these wonderful tags, tie them on to your favors. Everyone will ooh and ahh when they see them. And they can take them home and display them as works of art.