The Ideal Time to Have Your Next Baby

Image by karindalziel on FlickrIf you have one child, you know how adorable infants can be. You watch them do the most adorable things and love to cuddle them every minute you can. You may start thinking it might be a good idea to have another one. But when is the best time?

If you have the luxury of planning your next child, you can do a little thinking first. How old is your first born? Once your child reaches about 6 months, it’s likely she’s so absolutely darling that you want another one immediately. Calculate the age your child will be when she becomes a big sister. She’ll be about 15 months old when you have the new baby. That can be a tough age. Right at about a year and a half, your child will be starting to become more aware of herself. She will be entering the “me” stages of life. She may become more selfish and demand more of your time. Only you can tell if it’s a good time for a second baby to enter the picture. You may have a cheerful son or daughter who reacts positively and wants to be mommy’s little helper, or you may have a jealous child on your hands. If you feel you can handle it, go for it.

A second option is to wait until a full year has passed before you try for another new baby. The children will be spaced a little farther apart in school and you’ll have a little more time to spend with your first child during her early stages.

Some opt for the “closer together gets it all done at once” theory and others for the “space them out and you’ll be less frazzled” theory. The truth is, either can work.

There’s no one perfect time to add another child to a family no matter what anyone says. Any age can be ideal. There are families who have six children exactly a year apart. And there are families of two children that are eight years apart. It depends on your own lifestyle, age, body, and when you’d like to finish having children.

You may opt to just let nature take its course. That way, when the new baby wants to arrive, it will. You’ll feel less like you put her on a calendar and scheduled her into your life. This can be exciting and fun for everyone as you don’t really know when exactly you’ll get pregnant.

Other people like their lives planned out. If you are moving or have other major life changes like a job change for either spouse or a death in the family, you may need some additional time to sort things out. Adding another baby to the family now may be extremely stressful for you. If you have the option to plan, choose a time when things are flowing a little more smoothly.

Life will always be a series of ups and downs, so you can never guarantee a time when everything is going 100% right. But if stressors like the dismal economy are wreaking havoc on your family, you may want to put off your plans for a little while. That being said, many people view a new baby as the greatest gift they could ever receive. If that’s you, a new little bundle of hope and joy may just bring you out of the doldrums.