Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Ideas

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Decor (Diaper Cake)Every generation of babies has loved Pooh bear, the A.A. Milne story book character since he came to life in 1926. Disney has since brought him to a whole new audience that parents and children can’t get enough of. If you remember Pooh from your childhood, or you just know a mom to be who loves Pooh, he can be a very cute idea for a baby shower theme.

Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, and Christopher Robin are all part of the clan that lives in Hundred Acre Woods. You can make your own woodsy haven at your baby shower. Start with lots of honey bees. Pooh loves honey and all things related to honey or bees will make the party more fun. Get giant cut-out bees from a party or craft store or make them yourself with yellow and black paper. Hang them from the ceiling and on walls. Fill a jar with toy bees that you can find at dollar or craft stores, and set them out on tables. You can have people guess how many are inside a jar and offer a prize at the end of the party.

Bring in a potted tree or draw one on giant paper. Tape it to the wall. Find stuffed dolls of Pooh and his friends and gather them around the base of the tree.

You’ll want to center your food around honey and foods that a pudgy bear would love. Find recipes that include honey as the main ingredient. Print out labels for each dish so everyone gets it that it’s a honey cake or bub. Offer honey for tea, and have a few jars of honey around. Use beeswax candles that look like honeycombs. Berries and nuts are also favorites of bears. Why not include bear claw pastries or honeydew melon?

Have little snippets from the Pooh books on pretty cards around the room. Or use clip art of vintage Pooh and friends to decorate walls and tables. Create a walkway with brown paper that makes it look like a journey through the Hundred Acre Woods. Bring in branches or hang leaves from the ceiling to give a forest roof feel.

Play games that relate to the Pooh stories or movies. Make up questions and have them on index cards so guests can answer the questions for prizes.

If you have little children coming to the shower, they may want to dress up as a character from the books. It’s easy to find Pooh costume items at baby stores year round. They love to dress up and you’ll have adorable little helpers to run around and entertain everyone.

It's a really fun day when the theme of your shower is as light and airy as Pooh. He gets into so many adventures and has so many mishaps that you can find one that’s right to display at the party. Have a stuffed Pooh in a honey pot or show him getting stuck in a tree hole because his belly’s so big.

Wrap baby shower favors like small bear candles or Pooh notebooks or stickers in Pooh wrapping paper. Don’t worry about overdoing it as the theme lends itself to over the top fun.