Big Brother Gift Ideas

Telling your little guy that he’s about to become a big brother can be a very exciting time. He’ll have questions and may even want to go away and think about it for a while. The best thing you can do is ensure him that he’ll always be as important to you even when the new baby comes. That’s where a well-planned gift can be a great idea. Something that will show him he’s loved and cherished even though a new baby is on the way is a great idea.

Of course, your son’s age will determine how you will present him with a special memento of this important time in your family’s life. If he’s very young, he may just be thrilled and not even notice what you give him. But if he’s older, he may want extra assurance that he won’t be forgotten.

Here are some gift ideas that will show that you care:

  • A gift of a shirt or sweatshirt that says, “I’m the big brother” is always fun. If he’s little, he’ll be proud to wear it.
  • A special day with mom or dad alone can really do wonders to make him feel like the apple of your eye. Plan to have dad take him to a professional ball game or to someplace he’s never been like a science museum or truck rally. Use the time to talk about how you’ll always love doing things with him even after the baby comes.
  • A new Wii game or Nintendo cartridge will mean a lot to him if he’s into electronics. If there’s a game he’s been asking for that you keep saying no to because it’s too expensive, splurge and present it to him the day baby is born.
  • A day of playing board games or going to the playground and having ice cream is just as special, if not more, than a purchased big brother gift. Tell him he can plan the whole day from what you eat for breakfast till what time he goes to bed at night. Let him be king for a day. Tell him it’s ok if he wants to eat dessert first and skip his bath for one night. These little things will make him feel he’s really living the high life.
  • Give him a special tour of the hospital where you will give birth. Arrange to have a stuffed bear with a balloon under her shirt join you on the tour. He’ll feel like he has a little one to take care of too.
  • Bring him and a friend to an amusement park or paintball arena. Tell him that the reason you’re doing it is to show him how special he is.

Your big sibling gift does not have to be expensive to be valued. He will love the memories of this time in his life and how mom and dad made him feel important. The littler the child, the less they’ll need comforting. But be sure to include an older child in planning, painting, helping put together the crib, and even suggesting names for the baby. Tweens and teens often will feel left out but be too embarrassed to admit it. So, go out of your way to serve meals your guy loves and to give your undivided attention. When the time comes, he’ll be just as excited as you are to meet the new family member.