Monkey Themed Baby Shower Ideas

3 little monkeys gift basketIf you know a mom to be who’s having a boy, throw her a monkey themed baby shower. It’s an adorable nod to the fact that little boys will climb and run all over the place as soon as they learn to walk. Oh, and they also love their mommies and will cling to them like baby monkeys do.

Start with the invitations. You can create them yourself or buy them preprinted in a monkey theme. Go with a banana if you are making them yourself. Cut out yellow paper and glue it to cardstock in the shape of a banana. Print your invitation details on the back. There are many really cute monkey invitations already designed for you, so this is one theme you can definitely find lots of help with especially online.

Ask guests to come in monkey attire. This can be monkey slippers, monkey pjs or robes, or any monkey clothing they might have. Designer Paul Frank does a line for Target stores that has a huge monkey face on it. You can find this design in handbags, pjs, robes, tee shirts, and more. So go out and grab a piece of Paul Frank attire for the mom to be as well.

The sock monkey is an over-the-top charmer. Include sock monkeys throughout your décor. You can now find the sock monkey at any craft or big box store as they have recently come back into popularity. You can set sock monkey dolls on your food table around bunches of bananas for a simply charming tablescape. Use yellow tablecloths with brown accented plastic ware and cups to keep the jungle monkey feel going.

You can set a jungle baby shower table that features banana themed foods. Have banana bread, frozen chocolate dipped bananas on sticks, and banana cupcakes. You can even make a gelatin that has bananas floating in it. Just be sure you leave yourself enough time so it can set. Pour it into individual glass cups or a fancy mold before hand so you save yourself some time.

Next on your list are the decorations. String lights and palm trees or fronds you can find in paper or silk at a party store. Make it a little jungle room with monkeys that hang from the ceiling. Or tie on some small monkey stuffed toys to streamers so they look like they’re swinging through the room.

Your cake can be a sock monkey face or have cupcakes that are designed to look like cartoon monkey heads.

You can have sock monkey-making supplies as a craft for the ladies to do during the shower. Kits are now available for small monkeys that can be finished in little time and with little crafting know-how. It will be really cute for each guest to take home a little sock monkey they made themselves. Or they can donate them to the mom to be for the nursery or bring them to a hospital for children.

It can be really fun to have a monkey themed baby shower. You can keep it light and fun and everyone will have a great time. Send everyone home with “monkey mix” which can be as simple as Chex mix with some chocolate chips thrown in. Or go with bags of dried banana snacking chips.