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Housewarming Party Game Ideas

Published November 26, 2010        by Rae Ann

Home Sweet Home Snack Gift BoxA housewarming party is the one time you can throw yourself a big party and everyone will be overjoyed to come. It’s a time to welcome friends and neighbors into your new place and get to know those who live nearby.

Be sure that you wait until you’re fully or at least almost unpacked so that you feel comfortable showing your house. It’s perfectly fine to wait several weeks to have your housewarming. You can even have it two months after. It’s totally up to you. If you need a little break from the move, let yourself relax before you plan the party. You want to be able to enjoy it too.

Once you have sent out cute invitations, turn your mind to what you’ll actually do at the party. Set up stations in several rooms so people can help themselves to finger foods. Keep in mind that some guests might bring a dish to share, so have a place for them to set it down and let people help themselves.  Some people may want to bring a housewarming gift.  If you would prefer that they didn't, you can state that on the invitation.

Guests will want to see the rooms in your new home, so be prepared to give several tours. You might group them together so that you take one every half hour or so as new guests arrive.

Formal games are not traditionally expected at a house party, but they can be fun. If you want to get everyone involved and introduced to each other, when guests arrive give them half of card that features a picture of half an object. For instance, one person could have a picture of half a bunch of grapes and another guest gets the other half. One person could have the head of a cow and the other has the body. If you can pick up a set of children’s cards that are already designed like this, it’s easy and fun. The object is to find the person with the other half of your image. This causes people to have to mingle and meet each other. It’s a great icebreaker too.

Another game you can play is “redecorate the room.” Choose one room in your house and offer people the opportunity to play interior decorator. Give out graph paper and colored pencils or pens. Guests can draw how they envision your furniture arranged. It's fun to let people take a try at it and you may even get some ideas out of the game that you can really use.

If you have one room in your house that you’re not finished with or one that was especially horribly decorated by the previous owners, you can use that room as the jumping off point for a game. Have guests come in and guess who lived there before you, what they did for fun, how old they were, if they had kids, etc. You can make up a little sheet so people can fill in their answers. You can also use this room as the “redecorate my room” space. People will be happy to offer suggestions on how a badly decorated room can be improved. You’ll have a lot of laughs in the process.

Overall, the housewarming party is a time for guests to mingle, be casual and get to see what you’ve done with the place. It’s a perfect time to make new friends and introduce your friends to people in the neighborhood.