Two Peas in a Pod Baby Shower Ideas

If you know an expectant mom who is having twins, what better way to shower her with love and affection than to host a Two Peas in a Pod baby shower? This theme can be adorable when you work it through all the décor and food.

Many sites online that sell baby shower favors and décor will have this theme, but you can also do a lot of it yourself.

The invitation should reflect the theme. You can draw two baby faces in a pea pod, color the pod green, and copy the design on a color copier for your invitations. Or, order a pea pod invite online. Write a cute poem about twins if you’re good with a pen. A site called offers this poem by Jennifer Williamson that you can also include inside:

Two peas in a pod, just as snug as a bug
Two babies to cuddle, to kiss and to hug
We couldn’t be happier, for we’re aware
The best of all things in the world come in pairs.

Serve foods like, you guessed it, snap peas so that guests can get a chuckle out of the cuteness factor. Serve other foods that go together like pigs in a blanket. The cake should definitely carry the theme as it will be the centerpiece of your table. Ask a bakery to create pea pods out of fondant icing. A good baker will have heard of this theme and may even have a photo of a cake she’s done to show you. She can roll fondant icing to make two baby faces to put on the cake. The rest of the cake can be green with round polka dots of fondant in a coordinating color. You can also have cookies made that are decorated with pods and baby faces done in royal icing.

For the color scheme, go with green. Have green balloons that will simulate peas and plates and cups in green. You can sometimes find the pea pod theme, especially if you shop online.

Games you can play include any games where you have to double up with a partner such as feeding your partner a jar of baby food faster than the other team. Think up pair races or other fun games that include doubles like listing famous couples and their children’s names. You’ll get a good laugh at what everyone comes up with.

If you want, make a pea pod hat out of felt for the mom to be to wear. If she’s a good sport, she’ll love it and it will make for cute photos.

For baby shower favors, give out creams or candies that have pea pod labels on them. You can make them off a computer with clip art of peas or you can order them pre-made online. Or double up gifts like two packs of mints or a pretty pen and pad. You can also give those cookies in pea pod design as your favors if you wrap them in tulle or cellophane.

One thing to note is that if you are attending a pea pod shower, you should bring two gifts—one for each baby unless you are opting for a larger gift like a crib or playpen. Any clothing you buy should be given in two sets, especially if you know the sex of the twins.