Laugh Out Loud Baby Shower Games

It can be really funny to make grown adults play silly games. Especially at a baby shower where everyone is there to have a good time. Go wacky with your baby shower games and everyone will be laughing out loud.

One idea is to make adults race against each other in dressing a baby. This is especially funny when there are men at the shower. Oh, and don’t forget you have to blindfold the contestants! Have two baby dolls on two tables or next to each other and spread out diapers, shirts, socks, shoes and jackets. The contestant has to dress their baby doll faster than the other, and correctly, in order to win.

Another fun game to play is “Feed the Baby.” This game is especially hysterical when you use real baby food. Here’s how to play. Get two teams of two. They should be your most fun-loving guests. Each team has one “baby” and one “mommy.” The object is for the mommy to feed her baby a whole jar of baby food as fast as she can. The team that finishes their feeding first wins. This gets messy and is so funny. Many people switch out the jar’s contents for cottage cheese or yogurt. But it’s really fun to make the participants eat bland baby carrots or strained peas. See if your crowd will be up for it and make sure you hand out bibs first so guests don’t mess up their party clothes.

Another fun game is the memory game. As guests come in, give them a piece of paper but don’t tell them what it’s for. After everyone has arrived, ask the mom to be to leave the room. Each person holding a paper must write down exactly what the mom to be was wearing. It’s funny to see how many people didn’t even notice and can’t describe her outfit at all. Another version of this is to ask the guests to figure out what’s missing from her outfit if she stays in the room. Make it obvious. A large brooch or attractive pin will be hard to miss. Yet most people will miss it.

Games that get everyone up and out of their seats are the most fun. After all, the object of the party is to celebrate and have a good time. Many guests won’t know each other and so games are a good way to get everyone to mingle. Just be sure you have a crowd that’s up for letting loose. There’s nothing worse than a game falling flat on its face because no one is in the mood to play. Get the festivities started on a high note and then keep the energy going.

Offer prizes for good sports. Make the baby shower favors and prizes attractive enough so everyone will want to join in. Gift certificates, nail polish, candy and cookies are all good ideas. Wrap them in colorful cellophane so people can see what they are without having to open them. Guests will be more likely to join in if they see a festive table full of gifts that they would like.

Baby shower games can be as outrageous or a sedate as you like. Play some at your next baby shower and see how much fun it can be to get everyone laughing.