Hooded Baby Towels: Selecting a Great Baby Gift

You know how adorable babies are when they come out of their baths. They look darling wrapped up in hooded towels.  The towels actually help them to keep from catching a chill. Since babies need to be bathed so often, it’s great for a mom to have a number of hooded baby towels in rotation so she doesn’t always have to rush to do the laundry just to find a clean one.

You can give a mom to be a lovely set of hooded towels. The hooded towel is one item that you can never have too many of. It can always be put to good use.

There are many sources online for hooded baby towels. Try to select a set that’s made of lush terrycloth. You want an absorbent towel that will soak up lots of water. You also want one that’s big enough to wrap baby in now and when he’s older too. Babies don’t have to outgrow a good hooded towel until they’re toddlers if you purchase a big enough one.

Select colors that are appropriate for baby. You’ll find not only pink and blue but also yellow, purple and an assortment of adorable prints. If you know the type of nursery décor mom has selected, try to match it with the pattern of the towels. If not, just go for plush and cute.

You can easily make your own hooded towels to give as a great baby gift. It’s so easy and cheaper than purchasing pre-made hooded towels.

You will need a big towel such as a bath towel and a smaller washcloth in the same color. Try to buy the softest towels you can find. The plusher the towel, the better it will feel against baby’s skin. You may want to wash the towels first not only to get any shrinking out of the way, but also so that baby’s delicate skin won’t be irritated by any chemicals on the towels. Wash in light detergent meant for babies.

Cut your big towel in half vertically so you have two squares. Take the washcloth and fold it in half so that it forms a triangle. Sew the washcloth down to the center top of the square, larger towel. You want to make it a hood, so tie down the longest side of the triangle. You can sew a cute ribbon on each side of the hood so that mom can tie it around baby’s chin. You can also add piping to the outer edges of the towel so that it’s even more decorative.

When you make hooded baby towels, try to make them out of different colored towels. You can get two out of a big bath towel, but you will need to buy a second wash cloth. It’s cheap enough and easy enough so you can make three or four to give to the new mom. Include some other bath time treats and you’ve got yourself a present. Fold up the hoodies and stash some baby lotion, baby bath, a comb or little brush set, and a rubber ducky on top of the hoodies. Tie it all up with ribbon or arrange it in a decorative basket. Your thoughtfulness will be much appreciated every time baby’s busy splashing water out of the tub!