Little Cowgirl Baby Shower Ideas

A little cowgirl theme can be awfully adorable for a baby shower. If your mom-to-be is a country girl at heart, she’ll love this festive theme.

Cowboy hats can be the attire of the day. Make sure there’s one for each guest as well as the mom to be. Bring in a baby-sized one as well just because it looks so cute.

Your invitations can be purchased with little cowgirls (you can find them online) or you can make them yourself. Try using cardboard or heavy card stock and cutting them out in the shape of cowboy hats. Cover with real denim cut from jeans or use a denim wrapping or craft paper. Write your details on the back. Ask everyone to come in jeans and white shirts. If they have cowboy boots, ask them to wear those as well. But any boots will do. The mom to be will chuckle when she sees everyone dressed in cowgirl attire.

Have bandanas as your napkins. Lay them out in triangles on the food table and have them spread out under platters. Use different colors or go with all red or another color to keep a theme color throughout. It’s up to you. These are simple ways to add the cowgirl touch. If you really want to do it up for the little cowgirl, do only pink bandanas.

Now the fun really begins. Find stuffed cows and horses, the bigger the better, and rope them up with some yarn or twine. Bring in some country music CDs and if you dare, spread hay on the floor. Anything you can do to make the theme more authentic will make it more fun.

You can bring in a wagon wheel or any decorations you might have that lend themselves well to a country barn atmosphere. You can even make a faux barn door out of cardboard, paint it, and prop it up behind the food table or make the guest of honor walk through it when she comes in.

Your foods can be finger foods that you might find at a ranch or campfire. Pigs in a blanket, hot dogs or corn dogs, hamburgers, or corn on the cob all work well. Make up your own version of Cowgirl Punch. It can have ice cubes in the shape of horses (molds are found at craft stores) or any other jazzy way to spice it up for your theme. Just be sure to label it Cowgirl Punch so guests get the idea. Bring in a guitar shaped cake or have horse cupcakes. Either use plastic horses from a toy store to decorate, or have a bakery design horses in icing for you.

Buy fun plastic cups (online or through a specialty party shop) that are in the shape of cowgirl boots or horses or some other barnyard theme. It will look cute when everyone is carrying them around the party. Arrange flowers in clean cowboy boots. Just be sure to put a container inside to hold the water first! Then go wild with roses or wildflowers.

You can play baby shower games that revolve around western themes or cowgirl trivia. Play old cowgirl movies or the Dixie Chicks CDs. Anything you do to keep the theme going will be really fun.