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10 Great Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Published December 14, 2010        by Rae Ann

Boy Opening Christmas StockingWho doesn’t love opening up their Christmas stocking on Christmas morning? It’s so much fun to reach inside and pull out small treasures. There is something so delightful about miniature gifts that just add to the holiday festivities.

Here’s a list of 10 stocking stuffer ideas you can use if you get stumped for ideas this year.

  1. Candy Coal: Know someone who’s been naughty this year? Give them a few lumps of coal of the candy variety. You can usually find it in stores at holiday time and you can certainly order it online from candy stores.
  2. Mini Shampoos and Conditioners: Raid the travel aisle in the discount store for miniature versions of hair care products. They’re fun to get and make great companions for those who travel a lot.
  3. Handheld Games: Every toy store has a few handheld games that cost no more than a few dollars. Find games like pinball and soccer that come in small versions that don’t require batteries. In fact, while you’re out at the store, visit the dollar store and score some fun kiddie games that will keep everyone laughing and occupied on Christmas Day.
  4. Sweet treats: Everyone loves a good candy cane. Now they come in every flavor and color imaginable, so you don’t have to limit yourself to white and red peppermint. You can also include a few gourmet candies like Lindt or Godiva.
  5. Socks: For some reason, socks bring a smile to people’s faces when they see them in their stocking. Go for wacky colorful ones like the type with 10 individual toe compartments for a real giggle fest.
  6. Mittens: Kids lose their mittens just about as fast as the Three Little Kittens did. Give them a few extra pairs of the universal, stretchy kind that only cost a dollar so you won’t be as heartbroken when they disappear.
  7. Pens and School Supplies: Round about halfway through the school year, in December, kids find they have worn down their crayons, lost their pens and broken the erasers off all their presents. Why not restock their pencil boxes with new supplies?
  8. Snacks: Take-along snacks like individual pouches of goldfish crackers, cheese and crackers, pretzels or cookies make a nice addition to the stocking. Kids can then slip them into their lunch bags when they return to school.
  9. Tickets: If you want to really wow someone, give them tickets to a show or event they’ve been wanting to see. They’ll never guess that they’re hiding inside their stocking. You can either buy the tickets or give them a coupon you make that says they can buy tickets to the show on the date they want to attend.
  10. Gift Certificates: They are the perfect size for slipping into a stocking. The gift certificate has a great smile factor as it allows the recipient to buy what they really want. Go for a music store or mp3 site like, or a favorite mall store. Gift certificates to coffee shops are also welcome as those drinks tend to add up when you go there every day. Other great gift certificates are to restaurants and theaters. Older recipients really enjoy getting a gift that allows them to take a special outing.