Construction or Truck-Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Know a mom-to-be who is having a boy? Why not throw her a truck  or construction-themed baby shower? This theme lends itself well to all kinds of baby shower fun.

Start off with the invitations. You can send out little Matchbox trucks with a tag attached to them with the shower details. Or use store bought shower invitations.

Plan on having a construction zone in your home the day of the shower. Get plastic hard hats from a party supply store. Small hammers or a kid’s tool box and tool set are great additions. You can find orange construction cones in the toy aisle, too.

Make a runner that looks like a road. You can do this with black fabric and yellow paint. Lay a long length of fabric down and paint yellow dotted lines on it to look like the middle of the road. When it dries, lay it down on the floor from the door to the snack table so guests will start walking right into where they are supposed to gather.

Get a bunch of toy dump trucks to hold the snacks. You can wash them out, dry them, and fill them with M&Ms, popcorn, peanuts, and other snack foods. Use one big toy dump truck as a centerpiece. You can fill it with favors, or fill it with flowers.

Ask everyone on your invitations to bring a small gift with a construction theme. It can be a onesie with a truck on it, a stuffed construction toy, a small hammer, or a framed photo of a truck for baby’s room. Anything is fine and the gifts don’t have to be expensive. Have a clean used tire in the room and fill it with the toys and gifts.

If you can, bring in an old seat from a car. If you know someone in the car repair business, maybe you can borrow a truck bench seat or an old car seat. Tie balloons to it and your guest of honor can sit there while she opens the presents.

Go as far as you like with the theme. Have little gummy candies in the shape of trucks. Have little pint-sized work boots on the table that the new mom can take home for her son to wear some day. Make fun signs like “Baby on Board” or “Caution: Baby Zone.” Add to the festivities with construction-type lunch boxes. You can fill them with finger sandwiches and bags of chips and juice boxes.

The theme of a construction baby shower with trucks really can be done well on a budget. Look for stickers, toys, and other truck memorabilia that will add to the fun of the party. You might bring in faux Styrofoam rocks for guests to sit on as part of a dig site. Or you could have a toy crane lifting a baby doll. Think cute and get your imagination pumping.

When it’s all up and decorated, you’ll be so delighted and so will your guests and mom-to-be. Be sure to have a big jug of Gatorade on hand for your thirsty guests to sip out of plastic cups. Get into construction zone mode and you’ll all have a fantastic time welcoming the newest little construction worker to the job.