It’s a Boy Baby Shower Ideas

Know a mom to be who is having a boy? You can throw her a fantastic baby shower that focuses on her little bundle of baby boy joy.

Of course, blue is the color that most people associate with baby boys. You can use blue in your design scheme but it doesn’t have to be the plain old powder blue everyone’s going to expect. Make your shower come alive with shades of navy blue, teal, electric blue, or even a faint ice blue. Layer colors in different hues of blue and your party will look more grown up and chic.

One fun way to add blue is to do polka dots. You can do navy blue polka dots against a brown or grey background for a sophisticated look. This color scheme is especially appropriate for a modern shower for a very hip and young mom. Keeping the colors from veering off into pastel land will mean that you can do a lot more with the décor.

Hang navy and silver or gray streamers, use navy napkins with the new plastic “silverware” that’s silver colored. It looks just like the real thing, so much so that everyone will be asking you where they should put the silverware instead of throwing it away. Also, you could float some silver balloons.

For invites, send a navy blue coaster (make them out of paper or buy paper ones) and stamp the face of a baby or a silhouette of a pregnant woman. Stamp the image off center and then write your details on the side or on the back. Punch a hole and string a silky ribbon through it.

Keep your high-end blue theme going with a silk table cloth. No, you don’t have to go out and buy an expensive table covering. Instead, head to a fabric store and buy a long piece of synthetic silk (shiny) fabric. These fabrics are cheap and when you drape it across the food table, it will look very festive. Have some mercury glass silver candle sticks at varying heights. Bring in silver candles that are very chunky and different thicknesses. There’s your tablescape right there.

When it comes time to plan the foods and beverages, go with a blueberry mocktail. Since the mom to be won’t be drinking, invent a cocktail that focuses on blueberries and serve in plastic or real martini glasses. You can combine yogurt and berries to make smoothies or berries and ice cream for decadent ice cream drinks. Add a splash of clear soda and you can have blueberry floats. Get creative with the accents on the glasses. You can do a sparkly blue and silver star on a toothpick or a cute baby face.

Play jazz or blues or classical music to set the mood for a funky good time. Do the unexpected with little touches. Wrap up a bunch of small boxes that each contain gourmet cookies for your guests to take home. Use blue and silver polka dot paper so your wrapped favors will look elegant on the table.

Depart from the usual and expected little boy baby shower. You don’t have to go with just one shade of blue, remember. Set the tone for a mod and hip baby shower that everyone can really enjoy.