How to Make a Fleece Taggie Blanket

You may be new to the baby market or you may be a wise and seasoned mom or grandmother looking for something new to make for baby to play with. Either way, it’s time you get in on the Taggie sensation that’s sweeping the country.

Originally invented by two moms, Taggie blankets are fleece or cotton blankets that have loops or tags sewn around the edges. The allure? Babies love playing with tags more than the toys you buy them, so why not give them what they really want? A baby blanket that has tags all around the edges is a gift that will keep baby occupied for hours.

You can buy Taggies just about anywhere.  However, it’s so easy to make them yourself, why would you want to buy them? All you really need is a sewing machine, some fleece and ribbon, and a little creativity.

Supplies for Making a Fleece Taggie Blanket

  • 2 squares of soft fleece material big enough for baby to lay on
  • A few different kinds of ribbon. Use different textures, sizes and colors for the most appeal.
  • A sewing machine
  • Scissors

1.      Gather your fleece fabric and ribbons together on a table. You’re going to need 2 large squares of fleece. One will be for the front of the blanket and one will be for the back. Choose a fleece that is soft, cuddly, and will wash well. You might choose to wash it first to avoid shrinkage later.

2.      You’ll need ribbons of various sizes, textures and colors. The reason babies love these blankets is because the tags are so interesting to feel and to mouth. One thing you’ll want to ensure as a safety precaution is that your ribbons are thick enough so they won’t fray and turn into choking hazards. Choose grosgrain or other fat ribbons, so you can be sure they’ll stay intact. Stay away from shiny, thin ribbon whose threads may fray. You can also use strips of fabric that have a nice texture or feel. You’re going to make little loops out of the ribbon or fabric strips.

3.      Turn the right sides (the nice sides) of the fleece so that they face together. Lay ribbon loops down on the edges of the fabric and pin so that the loose ends are inside the blanket and the loop portions are facing out. You’ll sew over the ribbon so that they are secure and the loose ends remain inside.

4.      Once you have pinned the ribbon loops down, begin to sew around the edge of the blanket. Be sure you double stitch the loops down so there is no chance they can fall out or come undone while baby is chewing on them or playing with them. Sew until you come to about 4 inches from the final edge closure. Turn the blanket right side out and either hand sew or stitch the final 4 inches of the blanket closed.

You will end up with an adorable Taggie baby blanket that you can give to the little one in your life. The beauty of these blankets is that kids never outgrow them. You can also make pillows in the same way. Just use stuffing from the craft store instead of sewing the edges together without a filling.