Finding an Antique Rocking Horse

No one can deny the charm and appeal of an old wooden rocking horse. If you’ve ever yearned to own a vintage collectible rocking horse, you’re in luck. Today, it’s easier than ever to find antique rocking horses to add to your collection.

Start in obvious places. Go to local antique stores in your area and when you travel. Ask if they have any antique horses. You may be surprised when the owner goes into the back room and comes out with one. Leave your name and number so that the dealer can call you if they come across any vintage rocking horses. Often, they’ll scope out specific items if they know they have a customer ready to buy them.

Your search locally will probably turn up a few rocking horses. You might also put an ad in the paper that you are seeking an old horse or two. You may get calls from a little old couple who’s had one in the family for years and now is downsizing. Be prepared to offer a fair price, and in cash, as most people won’t take checks.

Next, search eBay or other auction sites. Simply type in “old rocking horses” and see what you find. Inventory changes daily, sometimes hourly, so check back often so you don’t miss a great deal. If you find a seller who has lots of horses, you may be able to cut a deal. Just don’t arrange to pay anyone outside of eBay. You can have them adjust the price for a multiple purchase at the time they send you an eBay invoice. Do everything on the up and up and don’t try to sidestep the rules. Often, you are covered by eBay’s guarantee, so go by the rules and you’ll be entitled to that coverage.

Other sites like can be a great resource. Anyone who loves and specializes in vintage horses will be a wealth of information. On a site like this you will find photos of old rocking horses, help with identifying the age of one you find, tips on restoration, and more. offers photos of vintage rocking horses for sale. You will find many that charm you. You’ll have a hard time deciding on just one. Check shipping charges before you buy anything. Make sure you ask any site how they will package and ship your bulky purchase. If at all possible, deal with a local vendor so you can pick up your horse. If that’s not possible, at least ensure they use a reliable shipping company and get a tracking number.

There are so many sources for vintage rocking horses. Once you find a site you like, check their link listings. They will lead you to more and more sites about antique rocking horses.

If you are decorating a nursery with a whimsical vintage rocking horse, you will be pleasantly surprised at how many options you have open to you. Many craftsmen now are lovingly restoring vintage horses. But you may opt for one that has its own aged patina. Often, horses that have not been retouched are more valuable. So don’t necessarily look for one in perfect condition or rush out to refinish one you find on your own.