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Top New Year’s Resolutions People Make

Published December 28, 2010        by Sarah

It’s that time of year again. New Year's Day is right around the corner. Everyone is going to be making resolutions to start the year off right. Whether you dread resolutions or love the challenge, you’re in good company. Most people make some form of resolution and many people dread the thought of keeping their promises to themselves.

What do most people resolve to do in the New Year that they didn’t quite get around to last year? Take a look at the most common New Year’s Resolutions.

  • Image by Alan Cleaver on FlickrI will lose all the weight I need to lose, fast.

This is perhaps the most common resolution of all. With Americans now more obese than they ever were in history, it’s no wonder that losing weight becomes the resolution of choice. People want to better themselves at the turn of the year, and one way they hope to do that is by losing extra weight. While this can be an excellent resolution, it should be one undertaken with the mindset that fast weight loss means rapid weight gain. Those who vow to go on a crash diet on January 2nd often end up burnt out with their hand in a bag of Oreos come February 1st. So, if you’re going to resolve, like so many, to lose weight this year, do it in manageable doses with healthy eating and extra activity.

  • Image by ell brown on FlickrI will stop smoking tomorrow.

Many people await January 1st with both dread and excited anticipation. They view a new page on the calendar and a new year as the perfect chance to stop smoking.  They also know it’s coming up fast, so they have a few extra packs before their self-imposed smoking ban is on. Unfortunately, like the people making weight loss resolutions, setting the bar too high at the start will lead to quick failure. Instead, plan to cut down by wearing a nicotine patch or other doctor-recommended remedy that will let you step down slowly from your craving for nicotine. Set small and realistic goals and you will find yourself smoke-free come next January.

  • Image by yachtfan on FlickrI’ll exercise more every day.

Again, making this resolution is common, but keeping it isn’t. Instead of making an unrealistic goal for yourself—like going from sedentary to marathon runner in one afternoon—set smaller goals. Start by telling yourself you’ll walk around the block two nights each week. Then add a Saturday morning walk at the park with the dog, and build from there. Many well-intentioned people start out of the gate strong and fizzle in a few weeks because they took on too much. Plan to find a walking buddy or get a new puppy so that you have to show up each time to exercise. Also, don’t think of it as exercise. Just move your body more each day and you will burn calories.

It’s fun to make resolutions, but not always fun to keep them. This year write your resolutions down and check on yourself every month. If you find you’re not where you wanted to be, you can always correct your course before too much time has passed.  Go easy on yourself. No one ever made permanent, lasting progress without a few false starts.