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What to Include in a Food Free Get Well Gift Basket

Published December 30, 2010        by Rae Ann

Get Well Basket 266x300 What to Include in a Food Free Get Well Gift BasketMany times you want to offer a gift to someone who is ill. But you don’t want to show up with a basket of fruit or perishable foods. The recipient may not have an appetite and the food would be wasted. Or perhaps you’d just rather not send food because you have to ship it across country. Whatever the reason you’d like to, you can make or purchase a gift basket as a get well present that does not include any food.

Once you start your search for a get well gift basket, you will find that most come loaded with food. That’s not a bad thing, and most of the foods are gourmet, fresh, and delicious. But if you want to avoid sending food, it can be hard to find anything appropriate. One thing you can do is change your concept of the gift basket. We tend to think of a gift basket as one overflowing with upscale products or fresh-baked cookies and luscious fruits. But what if a gift basket were a total departure from the usual?

Depending on the situation and the severity of the illness, you will need to use your judgment as to what to send. But here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A Book Gift Basket: For a person who has broken their leg or has a non-life threatening illness, you can fill a basket with lots of fun reading material to help pass the time. Include books you know they will like such as light romances or comic books. You can include the latest issues of magazines as well.
  • The Puzzle Basket: For the person who’s up to some brain-twisting fun, send a basket that includes Sudoku and crossword puzzle books. Include a good pen and some sharpened pencils, too.
  • The Pick Me Up Basket: For someone who is going through chemotherapy, you can put together a spa gift basket filled with beautifyiDoctor Curious George Get Well for Kidsng spa products. Chemotherapy can cause a person’s hair to fall out, so provide her with some products that will pamper herself. Include powders, shower gels, and even a lipstick. Write a nice note that tells her how beautiful a person she is. Your gift will be perfect.
  • The Child’s Gift Basket: If you know a sick child, ask her parents what she really loves and then go find it and create a Get Well Basket for Kids. Make it a sort of a wish basket. Put in things that she has been wishing for like those popular rubber band bracelets or another hard to find, but inexpensive, child’s toy. She will love that you thought enough to find exactly what she wanted. A sick child will also love soft stuffed animals and a fleece blanket in a pretty color. Think comfort. Anything that can reassure a child in the hospital that she is loved will be most welcomed. Her parents are the best guides as to what would make her really smile.

When you need to send a gift basket that conveys a get well message, appropriately consider how sick the person is. It’s not appropriate to send a terminally ill person the same things you might send someone who had their appendix out. So do some thinking and then send a heartfelt note with your beautiful basket. Your gift will make someone smile, for sure.