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Must Have Baby Books

Published January 04, 2011        by Sarah

Mom Reading

You’ll no doubt have read up on your pregnancy and what to expect during those nine months. Now you’re probably starting to wonder what you should read to ensure you know how to care for a newborn baby. First of all, relax. You are perfectly capable and each baby has a way of teaching their mother how to care for them. Second, pick just a few baby books and don’t overwhelm yourself with the mass of information out there on baby care. Have a glass of milk and sit down for a good read. And take everything you read with a grain of salt.

Here are some of the best baby care books available today.

  • Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care

There’s a reason this book is in its 8th edition. Moms to be have turned to Dr. Spock for years. His advice is sound and he doesn’t throw you into panic mode. In fact, his first line is, “Trust yourself.” With a start like that, the rest of the book will surely be great as well.

  • Dr. Mom: A Guide to Baby and Child Care

This book was written by Dr. Neifert who is not only a mom of five children, but also a pediatrician. It’s written with kindness and caring and a genuine love for children. You’ll be reassured by this book.

  • Organic Baby

This book helps you make choices that lead to more natural products next to your baby’s skin. You’ll find ways to create a safe and non-toxic surrounding in your home for your new baby. Cute ideas that you can really use.

  • Baby Bargains

This skinny book is worth its weight in gold. It gives you the real story on where to find the best bargains when shopping for baby. Do you really need a silver baby cup? No, you need to find a bargain double stroller because you just found out you’re expecting twins. This book will help you find the items you really need at really great prices.

  • How Men Have Babies

Alan Thicke, yes, the dad on the old TV show Growing Pains, wrote this book. It’s very funny and will have your husband laughing, too. It’s an expectant father’s guide that you’ll actually catch him reading. Because Thicke shares his personal stories, the book is a real book that pregnant dads can relate to.

  • Happy Birth Day

This book is a must have if you have another child in the house already. It’s a sweet book for children that explains that there’s a baby coming. It’s in kid language and there’s nothing gory or overly revealing. It’s just a nice book to give a soon to be older sibling.

  • Having Twins or More

This book is now a classic because it gives real world advice to moms of multiples. You’ll get the scoop on what’s normal and what may be a complication. You’ll also find it’s reassuring and not designed to scare you.

With so many great baby books to choose from, you’ll run out of time before you run out of options. Be sure to choose only the books that are most helpful to you and don’t pressure yourself to read everything there is out there. Next, you can start building your little one’s children’s book library.