Zoo Animal Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Zoo animals make adorable critters to center a baby shower around. Cute and cuddly animals make the perfect choice for a darling baby shower whether the mom to be is having a girl or a boy.

You can really have fun with a zoo-themed baby shower. Many companies make paper products with this theme in pastel or bold colors. So it’s easy to get your party theme started. Head out to a dollar store and find some small animal stuffed toys to add to your table display. Include elephants, lions, tigers, monkeys, zebras and giraffes. Place them around a diaper cake that uses zoo-themed diapers and you’ve got yourself an instant centerpiece.

When thinking about invitations, decide whether you want to make them yourself or if you want to design them online. A third option is to buy the cards in a party store and hand-write the information. Any way you decide to do it, make sure your zoo animals are prominent on the front of the invitation. If you are doing them yourself, you could cut out a giraffe and fold his neck down so he’ll fit in an envelope. When guests open their invitations, they will find the information written on the giraffe’s neck. Very cute.

You may want to write a note in your invitation asking guests to bring a small zoo-themed item. This could be a baby blanket with an elephant on it or a onesie with a monkey on it. When guests arrive, have them put their little gift into a “cage” that you have ready. It can be made of out of cardboard box, or you can use a dog crate. Tie it up with a big bow.

Carry the theme throughout the room. You can hang paper or silk palm leaves from walls and the ceiling to mimic jungle plants. Have monkey sounds playing or play animal tunes from a children’s cd. Anything you can do to add to the ambiance will make it fun.

Serve foods you might eat at the zoo including popcorn, whole peanuts and ice cream bars. You can make a cake in the shape of an elephant or lion. Wilton Cake Decorating Company has pans available online or at craft stores that are already formed in the shape of many zoo animals. All you have to do is frost it. Consider placing your cake on a tray that has a layer of toasted coconut on it so it will look like you animal is resting on hay.

Another cute option is to make cupcakes with the features of animals on them. It’s easy to pipe frosting to look like a lion’s mane or add banana shaped candies to a monkey’s face to make him look more authentic.

Zoo themed balloons can be fun to add to the festive atmosphere. You can also make signs pointing to things you might see at a zoo. Put signs on the powder room door that look like the man or woman rest room signs in public places. Hand out a map. The map can double as a fun scavenger hunt starting point. Hide things around the room or outdoors if the weather allows. Then head out to find them all. Great fun!