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Birthday Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Published January 07, 2011        by Rae Ann

Girls Birthday Party

Little girls are so sweet. When your little lady’s birthday comes along, what can you give her that she will really ooh and ahh over? If you’re an auntie or uncle that wants to really gift her with something special, take the time to find out what young ladies like these days.  What you end up buying will depend on her personal likes and her style. But most little girls will like at least some of the following ideas.

High Tech Barbie

Believe it or not, Barbie is now a video camera. There is now a regular sized Barbie --with her impossibly small waist and high-heeled feet -- that is actually a working video camera. It’s kind of fun to imagine a little one spying on her little brothers with her undercover Barbie. If she is a Barbie fan, you simply must add this to her collection.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty, the adorable little cat character, has just turned 25. You probably remember Kitty from the first time around. She’s made a big comeback and little girls are falling in love with her for the first time. Kitty accessories come in the form of CD players, walkie talkies that text, mp3 players, shoes, socks, boots, baby blankets, you name it. You can find Hello Kitty’s charming little white face on just about every item merchandisers can stock on their shelves. Get her a whole Hello Kitty outfit or just one plush Hello Kitty doll. Of course, you’ll want to wrap her gift in Hello Kitty wrapping paper and tie a Hello Kitty balloon to the package.

Tea Party Accessories

Little girls are still at that age where they like to play pretend. Today’s tea sets are colorful and still engage the imagination even in today’s high tech world. Buy your little one a tea set and then offer to have tea with her and her stuffed dolls. She’ll love playing dress up with you. You can give her some costume jewelry you no longer use, a pair of gloves, an old evening bag, and she’ll be the best dressed hostess. Other ideas along these lines are gifting your young chef with a play kitchen complete with pretend food. There are sushi sets made entirely of plastic, baked goods, pasta, and more. Play food has gotten so realistic it’s hard to tell it from the real thing.

Little girls are all different. So if you have a tom boy on your list, don’t be afraid to ask her mom and dad what she’d really like. It may be the new Razor scooter or a new catcher’s mitt. No matter what she is into, you can find a really cool gift to wrap up and surprise her.

You might also gift a little one with your time. Take her out for ice cream with all the toppings or a day at the zoo with whatever she wants (within reason) from the gift shop. These types of experiences will last in her memory well after Barbie loses an arm or Hello Kitty’s bow falls off. Make it special by suggesting someplace your little darling has never been. Treat her to a grown up lunch and you’ll be on her “best birthday gift giver ever” list for sure.