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Choosing a Rocking Chair for the Nursery

Published January 11, 2011        by Sarah

Modern Nursery Rocking ChairWhen it comes to cozy seating in the nursery, you’re going to want the best. Get the best you can afford. Comfort is key, so if you are perfectly comfortable in a $50 chair from an antiques store, go for it. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great chair.

First, decide if you want new or used. There are some vintage rocking chairs that are adorable and still have years of use in them. If they’ve lasted all these years, they’ll work for you, too. If you’re going for a vintage themed nursery, this is the perfect choice.

Choose a vintage chair that is in good shape. You want to test it out. Sit in it and make sure it doesn’t have an annoying creak and that it is sturdy. If you like its feel but not its color, that can always be changed. Have your husband or a helpful friend do the sanding down and painting of the chair away from where you are. Pregnant women should not be inhaling dust, paint thinners, or paint during this crucial time. And if you’ve already delivered, don’t expose baby to any of these things either.

This is when you might start to consider a new chair instead. Buy it, have it delivered, and you’re set. There are glider chairs on the market today that are fashionable and far beyond the old wooden chair for comfort. They glide from front to back rather than rock. That motion will soothe baby to sleep (and probably you, too!). Sit in it and make sure you like the feel of it. Is it hard to push? Does it feel soft and cushiony where it should?

See if your chair of choice comes with an ottoman. It’s best to buy it at the same time so the fabrics match perfectly. If it doesn’t come with an ottoman, you can always buy one that matches elsewhere.

There are two styles of rocking chair to choose from. One has an exposed frame, usually made of wood and the other is fully upholstered. The fully upholstered ones are gorgeous and plush, but much more expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, go for the exposed frame and you will save a bundle. You can still get comfortable and rock baby off to sleep without spending a small fortune.

There are many different makes and models for you to choose from. Go with one that is sturdy, comfortable, in good condition, and has a nice look to it. Buy from a furniture company that has a warranty so that if you do need to repair or replace it, it will be covered.

Enjoy your time rocking your baby to sleep. These will be some of the best memories of your first few months with your new baby. You may spend a lot of sleepless hours during the night in your new rocking chair, so be sure it’s one you love and that supports you comfortably.

Try online sources to have your new rocking chair delivered. It’s more convenient than lugging it home from a store in the back of your car. (And if you are pregnant, remember; don’t do any heavy lifting yourself!) If you can make it match your other kids furniture, that's great!

Image Credit: HowNowDesigns via Flickr