How to Make Your Own Baby Frame

When your little cutie pie comes into the world, you’ll start taking hundreds of photos of him. There’s not a thing he can do that isn’t considered extremely adorable. You’ll find photo opportunities all the time. Where are you going to put your photos? Why not make a frame so you can print out at least one great digital photo to keep on your desk?

These days most people forget to upload their digital photos or have them printed. Instead of letting your precious pictures linger in your camera unseen, choose one or two that are your favorites and print them out.  Then plan your baby picture frame around it.

Decide on your frame size, style, and color by the photo it’s going to house. If you’ve got a great black and white to showcase, you can work with any colors. If you’ve got a color photo, try to match one color in the photo and it will make that color really stand out. Don’t try to match every color or it will get too busy.

What can you make a photo frame out of? Just about anything! The first thing that may come to your mind is to buy a frame at a craft store. That’s fine and craft stores carry many different types and sizes. But start looking around your house for ideas, too. You can use recycled cardboard but why not think outside the box? Try different materials. Do you have an old glass frame that you’re not planning on using again? Why not make it into a baby photo frame. Are you sick of one of your old, outdated frames but don’t want to throw it out? Make it over for baby’s photo.

Use any materials you can find. You can cut a frame out of an old record album, a pretty storage bin, or an old box that has a vintage appeal. There’s nothing you can’t use as long as you can cut an opening for baby’s photo. Or, if you can’t cut the opening, you can lacquer baby’s photo onto it.

Say you want to use an old frame and revamp it. Think about all the materials that you can finish it with. Use paint to cover the old surface, but then add polymer clay details. Make bears or a train out of clay and glue to the frame. Or make the whole frame out of polymer clay and glue it on top of the old frame.

If you want to use a surface that isn’t right for cutting, use shellac designed for photos. You’ll find it at the craft store near the scrapbooking supplies.  Prepare your frame by sanding it down and painting it or cleaning the surface. Then, shellac your photo right on top of the surface. Decorate the edges of the photo with ribbon trim, paper cut outs, clay rolled into snakes and other embellishments.

There are so many frames out there that are just boring. Make your handmade frame exciting by spicing it up with details that could only come from you. No matter what you use, you’ll need a good easel back so that it stands. You can find them at craft stores. Or, just hang it on the wall without a stand.