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Super Bowl Party Decorating Ideas

Published January 14, 2011        by Rae Ann

Flickr Photo Credit  dpstyles™Football fans unite over the Super Bowl every year in January. If the party’s at your house this year, liven up a gray winter month with colorful decorations, delicious food, and a fun party atmosphere.

When it comes to Super Bowl parties, the guys want hearty food. So, save the dainty finger sandwiches for another time. Plan to have a buffet that can sit out all during the party. Have chili in crock pots—try different flavors. Bring out some rolls and cold cuts, chips, dip, hot dogs, burgers, chicken wings and of course football decorated cookies. Ask guests to bring their favorite appetizer and you’ll have your party work half done.

What can you do to create a super atmosphere for your Super Bowl party? You can make use of the football field as your guide. Think of ways to incorporate the theme of football into your setting. You might bring in some football helmets, line them in foil, and serve chips in them. Or you might buy football shaped drinking cups that the guests can take home at the end of the night. Football shaped cookies make a sweet treat and football shaped ice cubes are fun in the drinks. Decorate your table as a uniform and use big stick-on numbers as the centerpiece.

Guys won’t care much about fancy, but you still want to make it look festive. Hang up team banners, pennants, ads, or any other memorabilia you’ve got. If you have a healthy rivalry going between the two teams that are playing, hang up both uniforms and colors from each team.

Cut American cheese singles into the shapes of football jerseys and write numbers on them with Cheeze Whiz. Or make football shaped meatballs. The more interesting you make the room, the more fun you’ll all have.

If you have a bet going, blow up the betting card and make it the focal point. Set it on an easel or a kid’s chalkboard where everyone can see it.Flickr Photo Credit: ztil301

Bring in some pom poms from the party store and have everyone give their best cheer. Make the guys join in, too, for fun. See who can come up with the funniest or silliest cheer and give out prizes.

Make beer or wine bottle labels that sport your name or your team’s name. You can order these online or you can make them yourself right from your computer using adhesive back paper.

Make shirts that everyone can wear and then take home. Write the team’s name on the front, or use a logo, and write each person’s name on the back of their shirt. Or you can write “The Dawsons’ Super Bowl Party 2011” in fabric paint.

Plan to have lots of cozy seating. If you can, bring in beanbags, inflatable chairs, gaming chairs, or anything you have around the house that’s comfortable. You might move furniture out of the way so guests can make themselves comfortable on pillows on the floor.

While you’ve got the furniture out of the way, why not set up a Wii challenge. During half time, you can all join in and try to beat each other at Wii sports. The worse people are at the game, the more fun it is for everyone who’s watching.

Go all out and make your Super Bowl party a hit this year.