It's a Girl Baby Shower Ideas

So you’ve been to all your friends’ baby showers and they’re all having girls. What can you do to throw a baby shower for the next mom to be that is a little bit different from the norm? Everybody loves pink, but you don’t have to use it in the expected ways. And you don’t have to stick to just one shade of pink.

First, think young and modern, and what could be more modern than a throwback to your mom’s day? That’s right, vintage is the new hip baby shower theme. So pull out those photos of your mom’s baby shower and steal some ideas.

Bring on the pink in argyle, stripes or polka dots. When you look back to some of those 1960s and 1970s baby shower photos, you’ll find that they look ultra-stylish now. Major stores are now offering more and more funky vintage paper goods, wrapping paper and decorations. Check online or at the big box or discount stores for baby shower decorations that have that retro chic feel.

Browns and pinks are very current. Anything you want to set out in shades of pink or chocolate brown will look very modern. Say you have a pink table cloth. Don’t go with a set of pink paper napkins. Go with a contrasting chocolate brown for the napkins, cups and cutlery (plastic is fine).

Your balloons can be several shades of pink from hot pink to the lightest hue of ice pink. Put some brown balloons in with the mix and carry your theme through.

Why not do a baby girl tree in pink? You can find these online especially at Christmas time. A pink faux tabletop Christmas tree (you can find them all year online) decorated with cute little baby items will look charming and very unique. When you send out your invitations, request that everyone bring a small ornament or baby item for the tree. Then give the whole tree to the mom to be. Items can be anything from a little glass baby rattle ornament to a set of nail clippers on a string. You could even tie a string around travel sized baby products and tie them on to the tree as well. It’s such a lovely centerpiece and very different from what everyone will be used to.

Pink Mini Favor BoxesSet up a chair where the mom to be can open her presents. Make it special by placing a pink polka dot fleece blanket over the chair and a giant brown bow. Mom can then take the blanket home for baby. Go big with your accent touches. Give out pink candles in little brown polka dot votive holders. Have pink and brown M&Ms on hand and bowls of pink foods like Jell-O or ambrosia.

Your cake can be a masterpiece tower of pinks and browns, or you could have a bakery create cupcakes that feature chocolate frosting with pink fondant circle accents. If you’re doing cupcakes, you can place them on cake stands stacked one on top of another, pink glass, of course. When you stack the cake stands the result will look like a several-layer cake.

There are so many ways to do a 'it's a girl' shower without being overly cutesy.