How to Make a Photo Birth Announcement

Birth announcements are eagerly awaited by friends and relatives, all of whom are hoping for a healthy, happy, new baby and mother.  They are also often the first photo that people have to show off, so a great photo birth announcement is a considerate idea.  Today, it is very common that mom or dad will take a picture with a cell phone and text it to loved ones.  This is an excellent idea and gives everyone a “sneak peak” of the new baby.  Sending an announcement in the mail, though, adds a touch of class and allows you to list birth statistics such as date, time, place of birth, weight, length, and, most importantly, name.

The first step is to take a good digital photo of the new baby.  You can either make him/her the star of the show with a solo picture or you can take a photo with the parents.  If the baby is joining a sibling or siblings, it is a cute idea to include them in the photo with a caption like, “John and Sara are happy to welcome their new brother, Josh!” or “Sara and John have a new baby brother!”  This keeps them involved with the baby and helps them feel more a part of the events that are taking place.

Next, decide what type of birth announcements you would like to send.  You can find pre-made announcements that allow you to fill in the blanks with your baby’s information and insert a picture.  This is a perfectly fine way to announce your child’s birth, and your family and friends will appreciate it.  However, it does add a touch of class if you print, make, or have printed your own personal announcements.  This is easy to do if you have a printer and a program like Microsoft Word or, if you are a little more tech savvy, Adobe Photoshop.  There are also card making programs that will work beautifully.

If you opt to use a card making program, there are great ones, including:

Image by k. frame on FlickrThe benefits of using such a program are that you will be able to easily use your photos to create a personalized announcement, and you will be able to use that same software to make cards, banners, stationary, certificates, calendars, and much more for virtually any occasion.  After you’ve designed your card, simply print them on card stock for a polished, professional look.

If you don’t have a printer, you can create birth announcements on a site such as Shutterfly.  All you need to do is decide which template you’d like.  You personalize it with your baby’s birth statistics, name, and your name or siblings’ names and add a photo. Shutterfly or the photo printing service will print the announcements on professional quality paper, and the cost is typically very affordable.

If you love to do crafts, and have some time after the baby is born, you can make your own birth announcements.  Get cardstock in the color of your choice and print or hand-write the baby’s birth information on the bottom.  Punch two holes on the top.  Print your favorite photo either at home or at a drug store (photo paper looks best) and punch two holes on the top to correspond with those on the cardstock.  Cut a piece of overlay material, like vellum, and punch the corresponding holes.  Line everything up and tie with pink or blue ribbon.  This is a very thoughtful, beautiful announcement that will be treasured by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other close friends and family.  It’s not a terribly practical idea if you need to send dozens of announcements, but it does add a special touch to a chosen few.

When you have a baby, you want to shout the news from the rooftops.  You can do that, too, but make sure to send beautiful birth announcements first!