Five Fun Ideas for Baby Shower Game Prizes

If you are hosting a baby shower, you’ll want everyone to be involved in the games you’ve planned. One sure way to make sure that happens is to offer great prizes to the winners.

Here are five ideas to use so that all the ladies will get up and act silly while playing baby shower games.

1.       The Gift Certificate: Gift certificates to local stores and online shops are the best idea because everyone gets to choose what they like. You don’t have to go crazy giving out really expensive prizes. You can just do a $5 Starbucks or a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card and the recipient can go in and grab a coffee on you. Make certain, however, that you choose gift certificates applicable to the shops and restaurants in your local area.

2.       A Manicure: Moms are often the last ones to be pampered. Give a manicure gift certificate as a prize, and you’ll have everyone jumping up and hoping to win.

3.       Food Items: The more delicious your goodies, the more apt everyone is to play the games. If you’ve got a killer recipe for chocolate chip cookies, go ahead and bake a few batches. Stash them in colorful treat bags and tie with ribbon. Gourmet candies also work well. Large Hershey bars or even bags of mini Hershey bars also work well. There’s nothing more enticing than chocolate, but you can also opt for popcorn balls, candy apples, or anything that happens to be in season at the time.

4.       Babysitting Coupons: If the shower is filled with other moms with small kids, offer coupons where you will babysit for them on a night mom wants to go out or get some alone time. This will be one of the most coveted gifts of the day. Just be sure you are willing to actually do the babysitting when the mom calls to cash in her coupon!

5.       Gift Baskets: Gift baskets are perhaps the easiest things to assemble and don’t have to cost a lot. Get some small baskets from a dollar store and fill them with trinkets. They can be playing cards, chocolate coins, small bottles of lotion or shampoo, or anything else you want. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and you can fluff up the baskets with fillers in pretty shredded paper colors like pink, blue or yellow to match the baby shower theme.

There are so many ways you can cleverly give out prizes for games. Think outside of things that you have to go source with personalization such as fancy creams or expensive store bought baby shower favors. You can make something even nicer with a few items from a discount store. Even a bag of M&Ms or a pretty kitchen towel are perfectly fine. Remember, they are just token prizes for having fun at a baby shower. You’re not required to spend a fortune to host a shower. In fact, discount prizes are often the most festive and fun for the guests. They can giggle over the silliness. Look into buying a bulk of treasures from a teacher’s supply store online. Erasers, google eyed pens and other little gems will capture the attention of guests of every age. You’re never too old for a little glitz.