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Best April Fool's Pranks - Compiled 2011

Published March 31, 2011        by Sarah

Image by Vandelizer on FlickrWhether it is declared a national holiday or not, we think that it is completely acceptable to celebrate April Fool's Day. So with many people relying on us to provide some great April Fool's day pranks, we've polled Twitter, Facebook, and anyone willing to share. So here are some of the top April Fool's Day pranks, as told by you - the social butterflies.

10. Switching the salt and sugar at breakfast time. Lunch time. Or dinner.

9. Have coworkers bring several sets of clothing to work. Have them change pieces of their outfit after the culprit/victim has seen them in it. Let the confusion begin. (via @Mashable)

8. Put a piece of tape over the laser of a coworker or family member's computer mouse.

7. The famous "rubber band around the sink sprayer" trick. Wrap a rubber band tight around the kitchen sink sprayer and face it towards you. Sit and wait until someone turns it on.

6. Put a balloon or bubble wrap under the back tires of someone who will be backing out of their driveway or garage. When they run over it, they'll think they blew a tire or ran over something.

5. Turn on everything possible in the victim's car - this might include windshield wipers, a loud radio with obnoxious music, heat/air on high, etc. then turn off the car. When it's time for them to go somewhere, they'll have a rude awakening.

4. Scoop out the top inch of the victim's deodorant. Replace the gap with cream cheese and sculpt accordingly.

3. Choose a nail polish that you don't want anymore. Put out a piece of wax paper and lay the nail polish on it's side so that it spills out and dries that way. Once it's dry, pick it up and place it somewhere that it would be horrible to have spilled nail polish.

2. Set computer monitors screen views to go upside down, people will be so confused when they get back to their desks, and will have no idea how to fix it. (CTRL+ALT + Arrow Down Key twice) Note: To change it back, press CTRL + ALT + Arrow up key twice.

1. Don't do anything at all. Instead, sit with a sly smirk and ask questions. "Did you use the bathroom this morning?" or "How was your coffee?", "That's a nice shirt you have on today". Confuse them without even pranking them.

Have any to add to the list? Add them in the comments!