First Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

As your children grow, so too does the stress of making each birthday party perfect for them.  Instead of worrying about the perfect decorations, tableware, food, and favors for your one year old, make your theme fun and stress-free.  We hear of celebrities splurging on pony rides, clowns, ice sculptures, petting zoos, and other extravagances, but don’t feel pressured to overspend.  The truth is your child will have a great time with the simplest of decorations, and let's be honest - they'll probably be most interested in their first birthday gifts anyway!

Why not decorate the guest of honor’s throne?  In this case, that is your baby’s high chair.  He will be eating what is likely to be his first piece of cake, and anyone who has ever attended a first birthday party knows that mess is one guest that never turns down an invitation.  A great way to reduce mess and add to the festive atmosphere is to try a birthday highchair set.  Hallmark, for instance, makes a Pooh-themed set which features a plastic mat for under the chair, as well as a banner that can be attached to the front of the tray.  You can always make your own using a plastic mat in the color or pattern of your choice.  You can make a banner using construction paper and stencils.

Image by merfam on FlickrAny party supply store, online vendor, like Amazon, or box store will carry decorations, and often they come in packages.  You can get a banner, wall cutouts, and centerpieces for one low price.  This is a great way to relieve the stress of decorating for a party.  Simply open the package, and your party is nearly complete.  You can also buy each piece separately to avoid it looking too “matchy.”

You can supplement your party package with colorful streamers, balloons, and even festive rice paper lanterns.  Choose bright, primary colors, which are attractive to babies and small children.  This way, you can mix and match decorations without clashing.  Red tableware looks great with blue streamers and yellow balloons.  Rice paper lanterns are a hot party accessory now, and there is no reason why your one-year-old can’t be trendy!  The adults will enjoy the chic look, and your child will love the colors and patterns that these lanterns come in today.

Your child’s stuffed animals can make a great addition to your party decor.  Not only will it look adorable, your child can play with the decorations.  For a beach-themed party, set out plastic pails with shovels and other sand toys.  Your birthday boy or girl won’t mind that there is no sand; they’ll have fun playing with the toys anyway, and it will help add the fun in the sun look you want.  Plus, you can hand them out as favors to the other children in attendance.

A poster featuring your child’s favorite characters or interests is a great way to add life and vibrancy to the walls for the party.  A cute Pooh poster or one that features jungle animals will be a bright focal point, and one that your child can enjoy in his room after the party.

When decorating for your child’s first birthday party, there is no doubt that you want it to be special.  And it will be!  But special does not mean expensive.  Simple balloons and streamers can provide all the decoration your child needs.

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