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Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

Published April 19, 2011        by Sarah

Image by daveparker on FlickrWhen we think of Easter, we think of spring, bunnies, newly hatched chicks, fun pastel colors, warmer sunshine, green grass, the Easter Bunny, and, of course, candy!  There are so many great colors and themes to work with during the Easter season; it is a great time to get children involved with the holiday.  These craft ideas will help keep your child busy, happy, entertained, and in the Easter spirit.  It’s time to think spring!

Easter and baskets go hand-in-hand.  Instead of buying a new Easter basket for your child or as an Easter gift, why don’t you make one together?  It is easy, the results are fantastic, and you will have fun doing it.

You will need:

  • Half gallon milk or juice carton
  • Stapler
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes

To make:

Image by brendan-c on FlickrRemove the panel of the juice/milk carton that is on the side with the spout.  Set this aside; it will be used to make the handle.  Staple the spout shut.  Using glue, cover the sides of the carton with construction paper (any color you like). Trim it so it fits neatly.  In the center of the spout ridge (the top of the carton) punch a hole and insert pipe cleaners.  These are the bunny’s whiskers.  Glue the googly eyes just above.

Cut out paper ears in the same color as the bunny’s body, and then cut smaller pink ear shapes to fit inside.  Staple the ears to the base of the bunny so they stand up.  Almost done.  All you need now is handle.  Take the panel you’ve cut and trim it to the correct size.  Cover it with construction paper (to match the body, if you want. Otherwise, in a color of your choice).  Staple this to the basket.  You now have a colorful, homemade basket to fill with goodies.

If you decorate eggs at Eastertime, you likely have a few empty egg cartons lying around the house.  This next craft can help you put those to good use.  You will make a grass-sprouting caterpillar  A week or two before Easter, mix ¾ cup of potting soil with 2 tablespoons of grass seed in a bowl.  Moisten it with water.

Prepare your egg carton by cutting out a section of three cups in a row (or four, or five, or even six).  Trim it so it is even on both sides.  At the front of the section, draw on a cute caterpillar face.  You could get crafty and decorate it with googly eyes, pompoms, or pipe cleaners or paint the egg carton.  Either way; simple is just as good.  Put the soil mixture into the egg cups.  Find a sunny spot for your “grassapillar” and keep the soil moist.  In a week or so, the grass will spout, and you will have a cute, living, centerpiece.

It’s not Easter without Easter eggs.  If you have an older child, try making an egg still life.  You will need blown-out eggs, grass, glue, and a miniature baby chick (a candy chick will do if you can’t find a plastic or ceramic one).  Start by dying a blown-out egg a simple solid color.  When dry, use a knife point to chip a hole in the side of the egg.  It should be about one inch in diameter.  (If your child can’t do this, step in and he/she can do the rest.)  Inside the egg, make your still life.  Put grass and your little chick inside and glue in place.  You have a simple, fun centerpiece that guests will love.  Your child will be proud that she made such a unique egg!

Coloring pages and card templates are great for children of all ages, and this can be a good table craft to occupy the kids before dinner.  Disney’s FamilyFun site has a variety of great pages to print and color.

Your kids will enjoy these Easter crafts – and so will you!