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How to Make Oreo Truffles

Published April 20, 2011        by Sarah

Image by rocknroll_guitar on FlickrWho can resist the allure of Oreo cookies? It’s on everyone’s favorite list. So why not try a cookie recipe that is easy to make, includes the beloved Oreo, and only uses three ingredients?

This recipe for Oreo Truffles is so easy. And it’s fun for kids to help with since there are few ingredients, not a lot of complicated steps, and kids can get their hands dirty. What could be more fun?

Start off with these three ingredients:

  1. Oreos
  2. Cream Cheese
  3. Chocolate Chips

Getting Started

Now here’s where you can get a little creative. Use one package of plain Oreos, mint, double stuff, peanut butter, or even golden Oreos. It’s up to you. You might make a batch using each of the flavors and decide which you like best.

The cream cheese should be the best you can find and regular, not fat-free or reduced calorie. The reduced versions just don’t cut it in this recipe and won’t hold together as well.

As for the chocolate chips, here’s where your love of chocolate comes into play. If you are a die-hard chocoholic, go for dark chocolate chips. If you want a tasty, middle of the road treat, go for semi-sweet. And if you’re a rebel, go with white chocolate or mint chocolate chips. Use the best you can find and don’t skimp by using stale or cheap chips.

You’ll only need about half an hour to make these tasty Oreo Truffles.

First, crush two Oreos in a food processor. You’ll need these later. If you don’t have a food processor you can still make this recipe. Just put the Oreos in a plastic bag, seal it, and give it a few good whacks with a rolling pin. Kids love helping with this.

Next, take the rest of the package of Oreos and dump them into a bowl. Nothing fancy here.

Add in the cream cheese. You want to make sure the cream cheese is at room temperature and not cold from the refrigerator. Don’t use the microwave to soften it as you may end up melting it and ruining the consistency.

Image by rocknroll_guitar on FlickrMix it up really well. Have the kids take a turn with a wooden spoon. There’s no wrong way to mix these.

Start melting the chips. Use a microwave and keep checking to make sure they’re not scorching. Stir until fully melted and smooth.

Take an ice cream scoop and dole out balls of the cookie mixture. Dip the balls into the melted chocolate. Immediately place them on a baking sheet that is covered in a Silpat sheet or wax paper. Repeat for the rest of the cookie mixture.

Sprinkle on the cookie crumbs that you reserved earlier. That’s it! You’re supposed to refrigerate them for an hour or so, but if your kids can’t resist, go ahead and let them dive in. Any leftovers, if there are any, can be stored in the fridge in a plastic container with a cover.


This recipe is so easy you can pull it out on weeknights or before a party and make a batch to share. It is fun and doesn’t require much equipment and you won’t have to dirty your whole kitchen in the process. A good, rich, chocolate treat for everyone! They're like chocolate covered Oreos, but better!!

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