Baby Shower Door Prizes

Door prizes can be a fun addition to a baby shower you are hosting. The idea behind the door prize is to offer a gift for some special game. It’s a little different than a favor in that guests will have to do something—be it answering questions or participating in a raffle—to win the door prize. They need not be elaborate or wildly expensive. It’s just a small token gift, and most guests really look forward to these prizes.

Door prizes can be anything from candy to candle favors. You can make them yourself or go out and buy them. The whole reason to give them out is so that guests will get involved and mingle. Often there are people at the shower who have never met each other. There could be coworkers of the mom, family, friends from college, friends from old jobs, so it can be really nice when everyone feels comfortable enough to get up and laugh and play games.

One way to do a door prize is to have a bowl of items on a table for guests to take when they arrive. It could be hard candies, small chocolate bars, diaper pins, or anything else. Make some kind of mark on one or two of the pins and when you call everyone together, give prizes to the people holding the marked items. This can add an element of surprise to the festivities as guests didn’t know it was coming.

You should try to offer prizes that would appeal to everyone. This can be a bag of goodies like lotion, small shampoos and conditioners, hair products or other toiletries. You can raid the travel aisle at discount stores for some good ideas. You may want to put together a travel pouch of goodies for ladies to win. That way the next time they go on a trip, they’re all set. You can also do a few $5 gift certificates to coffee houses. It doesn’t cost you much and it’s enough to get a coffee and maybe a muffin.

Try to make the prizes fun so people want to stay involved. If the prizes are ho-hum you may find people’s attention wandering.

You might have chocolates personalized with the date of the baby shower or just “Beth’s Baby Shower” and give those out as prizes. Or you could have small bottles of wine or champagne for the ladies to take home.

Whatever you decide to do as door prize activities and the prizes themselves, remember, you don’t have to spend a lot on this to make it fun. A bag of individually wrapped candies can go a long way. You aren’t there to offer luxurious prizes, but instead to honor the mother to be. So keep it in perspective. If it’s starting to become a source of anxiety for you, lighten up about the party planning. Everyone will have a great time and if they see you relaxed, they’ll be relaxed too.

For great sources of baby shower favors, look online. Why spend your time running from mall to mall trying to find just the right baby-themed items? You can find everything all in one place online.