Serve Mom Breakfast in Bed this Mother's Day

Image by seantoyer on FlickrFor the lady who's always catering to everyone's needs, a Mother's Day gift is in order. Make plans to serve your favorite lady breakfast in bed this holiday. It only takes a little planning and you'll be able to do it up just fine.

Involve the kids, if you have them. They love to help make a celebration even more festive. And while chocolate sauce and marshmallows don't make for a very healthy breakfast, do let them help with some of the ideas and preparations.

First, be sure that an adult is in charge in the kitchen. It's never a good idea to allow kids to cook unsupervised. However, if there are older kids or tweens, you can allow them to help get things rolling. They can prepare ingredients, mix and measure. They are also great for suggesting ideas. And they can supervise the younger kids, too.

Allow the younger children to make cards and decorations as their portion of the meal. They can decorate a tray for mom with their drawings and set up her napkin and maybe even a flower in a vase.

The adult on-hand can get the food ready. Plan on serving something relatively easy and not too overly complicated. Mom definitely doesn't want to come downstairs and find her kitchen a floury and sugary mess. So, the less steps involved, the cleaner everything will be.

Opt for mom's favorite breakfast. If she only likes fruit and her coffee, make that. The idea is to make it special for her. You might include a copy of the latest issue of her favorite magazine on her tray as well as a copy of the day's newspaper. The tray you serve on should set the tone for the whole surprise

Image by qwrrty on FlickrSqueeze some fresh orange juice, serve her favorite breakfast cereal, or make toast with jam. If you can, make her favorite egg dish or even pancakes. Serve on china or a nice plate. Include a garnish of strawberries or other fresh fruit. You could even serve her Mother's Day cookies! No surprise is too silly.

Once everything is assembled on the tray, bring it up to mom. Surprise her by sitting with her while she eats and recapping great Mother's Days of the past or funny family moments. Be sure to tell her that this is her day and she's not going to be required to do any work whatsoever.

Clear out and leave mom alone to get ready for the day. Then, give her free reign to do what she likes. She may have a full schedule of running errands and chauffeuring everyone around. But one day should be just for her to go to the gym, meet friends, or just relax outside with a cool drink in hand.

The best part of breakfast in bed is that it's a break from the ordinary routine. Be sure that if you are part of the preparation crew that you clean up and get everything back in order. Nothing ruins a mom's restful state faster than a house left in chaos for her to clean up.

Your gesture of giving mom breakfast in bed will be loved and received with much gratitude. Be sure to tell mom just how special she is and she won't soon forget it. A little appreciation goes a long way.

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