First Birthday Party Favors

Image by merfam on FlickrA first birthday party should be an event to remember; not only are you celebrating your baby’s first birthday, you are celebrating your first year of parenthood!  Both are more than worthy of a party.  You’ve thought about the theme, the colors, the decorations, the cake – now what about the favors?  These can add a personal touch to your party, and they can help you thank the guests who have made this party so memorable.  Put your party hats on and take a look at these great ideas.

Animal Crackers. Whether you are one, five, or fifty, Animal Crackers are a crowd pleaser.  They make excellent, affordable first birthday party favors that your guests can enjoy after the party.  A health snack, these crackers are also easy on the budget, especially if you buy in bulk from a vendor like Amazon or Costco.  You can also make your own and use cookie cutters to cut them into animal shapes – or any shape that suits your theme.  You can find recipes at,, and other recipe sites.  You can then package them in cute party favor bags.

Balls. You can hand out beach balls, squishy balls, bouncy balls, playground balls, punch balls or balloons, koosh balls, and other fun choices. These old favorites are great for your developing one year old as well as older children who may be in attendance.  You could also hand them out as prizes for games you play during the party (for older children).

Bath Squirters.  These are perfect for kids, and if you want to include the adults, try the variety of fun, bright rubber ducks available today.  For kids, branch out from ducks with other animals, boats, sea animals, dinosaurs, Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba, and other favorites.

Board books. Depending on the number of children in attendance, board books make excellent favors.  Toddlers are curious about the world, and books are one of the ways they explore it.  You can find great books by top children’s authors like Sandra Boynton for about $5.  This can be pricey for a big party, but just right for your little one and a few close friends and family members.  Coloring or activity books are a good alternative for older children or a smaller budget.

Fun Sippy Cups or Reusable Water Bottles. Hydrate your guests with cute theme-related cups or water bottles. Base Brand, for instance, offers a pack of 5 10-ounce water bottles with fun, kid-friendly designs and colors.  This is a practical favor and one that will, hopefully, get a lot of use.

Favors for Adult Guests. A one year old’s birthday party is likely to be attended by mostly adults, and it is easy to incorporate your baby theme with an adult-appropriate favor.  One idea is to get a package of baby socks and fill them with candies, like Hershey Kisses.  You could also put those empty baby food jars to good use.  Wash them out thoroughly and fill with candies.  Tie with a ribbon, and you have an easy, inexpensive favor. Same goes with cookie favors, decorate them accordingly and package them in colored cling wrap or baggies.

A child’s first birthday party is indeed a momentous occasion, but it should also be a fun, simple one.  Keep favors easy-going and stress-free.  You have plenty of birthdays to worry about themes, favors, games, and other party staples; for now, just enjoy your baby’s smiles as she plays with balloons, sample their first bite of cake, and open their very first birthday gifts.

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