What to Include in Graduation Announcements

Image by adina gonzalez designs on FlickrGraduation is an exciting time for both the graduate and his or her family. If you are throwing a graduation party and want to announce your child’s accomplishments to your friends and extended family, you’ll want to know how to word your announcements and invitations.

Here are some guidelines to get you started.

First, you’ll want to use as few words as possible. Graduation announcements and other formal invitations are usually short snippets of information written in a lovely font.

They are designed to be printed on attractive paper, usually on one side of a card. So, you want to contain your words to only what is necessary.

Clearly convey the name of the graduate, being sure to use their formal name and that it is spelled correctly. Then tell the degree they’ve earned, the school they graduated from, and the date and time of the party.

If you don't want anyone to bring graduation gifts, be sure to say so. However many graduates appreciate the chance to start off with a few necessities and money gifts. Here is an example of graduation invitation wording you could use:

Grad party invitation example

This wording is short and sweet and to the point. You will now want to select a printer. You can find many wonderful printers online who will turn your cards around and deliver them quickly. Select a site that specializes in invitations so that you know you’re getting quality. Ask for samples in the mail first if you’re at all unsure of the printing quality.

Online printers are now vying for business, so they will have some great deals. You can often get your invitations printed in full color for less than blank invitations, that you’d have to hand write, would cost.

Select a theme for your invitation that suits the party’s style. Going for a formal dinner? Go with a formal paper and font. Having a beach party? Then it’s perfectly fine to send an invitation with umbrellas and flip flops on it. Choose a casual font. And be sure to ask everyone to bring their bathing suits if there will be swimming.

Image by merfam on FlickrYour invitations should be a breeze to create online. You select the colors, paper and quantity and they arrive in your mailbox days later. Just be sure to order in enough time so that you won’t be fretting about if they will arrive in time to send out for the party. Give guests as much notice as possible, as more than one graduation party is usually going on during this very busy season.

Check with your graduate, of course, to see what type of party they’d like. Often, you can mesh two different styles together to create a party that the graduates, as well as the parents can enjoy. You might consider serving catered food, but make it a fun buffet where kids can come and go as they please. Have music that suits everyone’s tastes by hiring a DJ or plugging your graduate’s mp3 player into speakers. You can download songs you all like so that everyone has a great time.

Send out your invitations with the perfect wording and watch the RSVP's start coming in. It couldn’t be easier.