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How To Make Cookie Scented Candles

Published April 29, 2011        by Sarah

Image by OakleyOriginals on FlickrIf you’re in love with the scent of freshly baked cookies and want to spread that love around, why not make some cookie scented candles? They are perfect for those times when you want your home to smell like a bakery and they also make thoughtful and delightful Christmas gifts.

You’ll need some supplies from a good hobby or craft store. Take a walk down their candle making aisle. You’ll find everything you need right there. You’ll want to either pick up a candle-making kit plus a vial of cookie scented candle fragrance oil or you can buy each item individually. Here’s what you need:

Paraffin wax—this will come in block form. You can cut off sections of the block at home, or melt the whole thing to make a big batch.

Wicks—choose the smallest wick diameter for small candles like tea lights and votives and a bigger wick for large cathedral type candles.

Cookie scented candle fragrance oil—this is the essential item that will make your cookie scented candles outrageously and wonderfully scented. You can pick up scents from sugar cookie to chocolate chip. Many companies make more than one cookie scented oil, so see what your craft store has to order. You can also order it online by typing “cookie scented candle fragrance oil” into a search engine like Google.

A metal melting vessel—your craft store will have a metal pitcher designed especially for candle wax melting. It will be right near the other candle supplies.

Molds or jars—the molds you use will determine how your finished candles look. Several different molds are available at crafts stores. You might want to make small tea lights or taper candles. You can also make thick, chunky candles, but know that you will need more wax the bigger the candle. A good idea is to use empty and clean baby food jars. The old glass kind work best. They are the perfect size for displaying and giving as candle favors.

A wooden spoon, pencils and scissors.

Image by on FlickrGet out all your supplies. Tie a length of wick to the pencil and lay it across the jar or mold you are using. This will prevent the wick from falling down into the melted wax. Melt the wax on a stove, watching and stirring carefully as it melts. Don’t walk away or you could have a fire on your hands. Melted wax is extremely hot, so use pot holders when transferring it to the molds. When the wax has melted, add the cookie oil. Stir to mix. Now is also the time to add in any color you may want in the form of candle wax tint. Food coloring doesn’t work well, so go for the real thing. Pour the molten wax into the molds. Allow to sit overnight in a place where there is no activity. You don’t want the candles being bumped or overturned. The next day, pop your candles out of their molds. If you are using glass jars, just leave them as they are. Remove the pencils and trim the wicks down to a safe size for the candle using scissors.

That’s it! You’ve just made cookie scented candles to keep or to give. Don’t reuse any spoons or supplies that have had wax on them for food service.

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