Teacher's Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Image by woodleywonderworks on FlickrWhen it’s time to thank a special teacher on Teacher’s Day (usually the first week of May on the Tuesday), consider having the kids make her something. It can be done as a class activity when the teacher is away, or it can be done by just your child at home or with a few friends. No matter how you choose to gather the children, you can create lasting memories for an important teacher in your children’s lives.

Most times teachers don’t get much time off to themselves. But when moms or dads are in the PTO, they can arrange to have the teacher leave the classroom for a much needed break while the kids create a craft. You may want to clue the teacher as well as an administrator in on what you’re doing so that it’s ok for the teacher to leave. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes or so to get the class to create a nice craft.

You can make a variety of nice items for a teacher from craft kits. There are many kits available at sites like www.OrientalTrading.com.  You can order enough so that each child can make one picture frame or one hand print or other item. Just be sure that the craft is age-appropriate. You don’t want Kindergarteners or first graders trying to glue tiny pieces onto an elaborate design. They’ll be best suited for a craft that requires broader motor skills. Larger pieces and a non-exact final outcome are best for the youngest kids.

One really smart way to get the whole class, or even just your own children, involved in making a gift for a teacher is to compile a scrapbook. You can purchase the scrapbook itself at a craft store. The pages are usually a standard square and the scrapbooking paper sheets that are sold to fill it are also the same square shape. But scrapbooking papers can get expensive. You might want to cut large white paper down to size and give each child markers, paper scraps, glue sticks, sequins, ribbon, and other decorative elements. Take a photo of each child by him or herself with a digital camera and use a printer to print them out. If you can arrange to have this done before you get there, it’s a much better use of time.

Image by Thriving Ink on FlickrOnce all the items are out for the children to use, have them decorate a special page for their teacher using their photo as the centerpiece. Invite them to show their teacher their writing (which she has most likely been working on with them) by writing a few sentences for her. Even the youngest children can write a few words to her. Put the correct spelling of her name on the board so they all get it right.

When the pages are all done, have the kids put their names on them. Let them dry before trying to assemble the book. This may mean that you’ll have to take them home so you can finish the book at home. You won’t want to give her the gift the same day you make it anyway. When it’s fully assembled, wrap it in pretty paper and prepare it for gift giving. You can either send it in with your child or bring it in on Teacher’s Day along with teacher cookies or other treats.

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