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Spring House Cleaning Tips

Published May 09, 2011        by Sarah

Image by jen_rab on FlickrAs soon as spring hits, cabin fever sets in. No longer are we comfortable to sit at home cuddled under a blanket. We want to be out and about. We want to clean out our den where we’ve been hibernating for months. We want to throw things out and start fresh.

Everyone seems to get the bug at the same time each spring. We all want a refreshed and redone living space. What worked for winter is just not going to cut it for spring. We want the windows open and the bed linens changed. Spring cleaning can be a really rewarding activity. It’s not just busy work. It will actually help you to breathe better and you’ll get a refreshed mentality when you see everything clean and in order too.

Spring cleaning should start with the big stuff. If you still have your Christmas lights up come April, take them down. Your tree and all other holiday decorations should have been taken down by now too. If you haven’t done this yet, get busy. Getting those things put away will help you feel like you’ve entered the spring season.

Next, get window screens changed out. You’re going to want to have the screen doors opened, so change out your glass doors for screens if you have them. Do the same with storm windows. Carefully mark each window’s glass with a permanent marker. Do it on an edge where it won’t be seen. You can just write LR for living room or KC for kitchen. Then wash every window in the house. You can just use glass cleaner and a rag.

After the windows come the rugs. Roll up any area rugs that you can and drag them outside. Wash all the floors using whatever solution is recommended for that surface. Bring the rugs back in when dry and give them a good vacuuming. With windows and floors clean, you can start with the bed linens.

Linens can be changed out for every season. If you’ve carefully marked the linens in bags last year, you can just pull out the spring linens and change out the beds. But most people have no idea where they stored the spring items in the attic or just don’t have another set of comforters for spring. Change out what you have. You’ll feel better even if you just change all the flannel sheets for cotton. Rotate the mattresses too. Today’s mattresses don’t have to be flipped like the old ones, but you should give them a rotation every season so you’re not sleeping in the same area all the time.

Image by Dan4th on FlickrGo around looking for items you can donate. Spring is the perfect time to weed out clothes you and your family no longer wear. There are families who need them, so make a big donation to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Never toss perfectly good items just because you don’t like them anymore. There’s always someone who can use them.

Go through closets one by one and weed out items that fall on your head or off shelves constantly. Maybe you got that Christmas gift from Uncle Joan that you know you will never use, donate it! If you’ve got a clean closet, you’ll be able to find things when you need them and you’ll know what you have. If it keeps falling out, get rid of it. Or if you still need it, get rid of something else in the closet so you can find a new spot for it. No closet should be so stuffed that you can’t even shut the door.

There are so many ways to feel good about your home once you spring clean. You’ll feel more organized, more in control, lighter and happier. Having clutter and junk around can bring you down. Giving useful items away will make you feel better. Lighten your load and bless someone else with your abundance. It’s paying it forward, and everyone wins.

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