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Should I Give a Gift to Thank My Baby Shower Host?

Published May 10, 2011        by Sarah

Kitchen Theme Thanks a Bunch BucketYou may wonder if the special lady (or ladies) who gave you your baby shower should be thanked in a formal way. Are you required to give them a thank you gift? Is there any protocol on this type of thing or do you just do whatever you feel like?

This is one situation where you’re going to want to use your best judgment. You probably know the person pretty well if they have volunteered to throw you a shower. If it’s your mom or sister, you know what they like best and how they would feel about getting a gift. Most people host a shower out of pure joy and to welcome a new baby. There’s really no reason you have to give a formal gift. But you should always, always write a formal thank you note. A letter is even better. You can detail how much it meant to you to have the shower and all the wonderful memories you have of it. You might include a photo of you and the host in the envelope as well. Emails are out for this type of thank you. Do it with a hand written snail mail card.

If you’re still wavering on the whole gift thing, think about how you’d feel if you were the host of the shower. If you’d feel like the guest of honor should do something formal to thank you, then follow your own lead and thank the hosts. You can simply gift them with a pretty candle wrapped up in a pretty package. Or you can bake something like thank you cookies and tie it up in a lovely wrapping. Be sure you include a note of thanks and make your package look elegant and not like you just threw a few cookies in a bag.

Other ideas include giving photo frames so the hosts can put a picture of the new baby in it once he or she arrives. It can be a cute baby-themed frame or you can go with an elegant pewter frame that says “Thank you for my baby shower” along with the date it was held. It’s completely up to you how ornate or simple you want to go.

If the person throwing the shower is a good friend of yours, you may want to take her out for a manicure or lunch shortly after the shower. Spend some time alone with her before the baby is born and thank her for your shower. If it’s your sisters and you all want to go out shopping for the day, that’s great too. Spend some together time, but also be sure you treat for lunch, a movie, or at least coffee at the mall.

Thanking your baby shower host is a personal choice. There simply isn’t a correct answer to this question. If you feel a thank you note is not adequate, then definitely go out and purchase or make a gift. You might also opt to give the host something that says what the baby will call her. For instance, you might give her a frame that says, “Nana” or “Auntie” on it. It will serve the purpose of thanking her and also telling her what the baby will call her one day.

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