Birthday Gifts For Little Boys

Image by redcargurl on FlickrWhen a birthday party invitation for a little boy comes in your mailbox, what can you show up with that will really wow him? While every little boy is an individual, most will love at least one of the birthday gifts on the list below. Happy gift buying!


There’s not a little boy around who dislikes building with blocks. Today’s blocks come with bristles, magnets, stripes, and more. Just be sure to purchase a set that’s age appropriate. Many sets have small pieces, so steer clear of those if the child is really young or has a younger sibling. But definitely go for colorful and cheerful. Many sets now are made of plastic with a character inside the block. These are so much fun for little hands to explore. You might offer to stay and build with your little man too, as an extra treat.

Building Materials

There are some really fun building materials on the market now that require no sharp tools but that kids can use to actually build something. These can be found online under “building kits kids” or a similar search term. You can also ask at a toy store near you for construction materials that don’t require any adult tools. These amazing strips of “wood” are really a synthetic material that can be cut with a blunt edge. Kids can nail them together with the “nails” provided. They can build ships, houses and more. When he’s all done, the little builder can take his creation apart and use the materials again. Just check the age group listed on the package before purchasing these kids birthday gifts.

Image by Chris. P on FlickrRemote Controlled Cars

Anything that’s remote controlled will be a hit with little boys. Today’s RC cars and trucks are chubby and the remote is easy for little hands to use. They can really direct the car without frustration as these younger kid-friendly models have simple buttons. Look for rechargeable batteries to include with the gift so mom and dad don’t have to run to the store every time the batteries drain out from overuse. Kids love to use toys that really go. Your gift will surely be a big hit at the birthday party.

Lego Action

If you have a very young little boy, stay away from tiny Lego sets. Leave those to the bigger boys. But Lego makes sets designed for little fingers that are a bit thicker and more substantial. Kids can imagine and build to their heart’s content with a Lego set or two. You might just inspire the next budding architect or inventor.

Little boys have different personalities. So ask around the family before choosing a gift. If you find that you would rather give cash so mom can help the little guy pick out his favorite new toy, be sure to wrap it up in a fun way. There’s nothing more disappointing to a little boy than opening an envelope. Attach a small toy to the envelope and offer to go with him to pick out what he wants if that’s the route you choose to go.

It can be so much fun shopping for little boys. You will be amazed at the selection available and will want to spend hours in the aisles marveling over all the fun new toys that have come on the market since you last looked.

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