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How To Make A Birthday Cookie Cake

Published May 12, 2011        by Sarah

For the next birthday party you throw, surprise the guest of honor with a birthday cookie cake. A giant cookie decorated for a birthday is the perfect alternative to the plain old sheet cake. You can create a mega cookie cake with little time and money. You don’t even really have to possess any cooking skills. If you can place a cake in the oven, or make cookies, you can make a cookie cake.

The idea of the giant cookie is nothing more than a bunch of small cookies put together. So start with a cookie mix from the store. You can buy cookie mixes in bags in the baking aisle. They’ll usually require you to add eggs and oil or butter. Everything else is usually already in there.

Decide if you want a sugar cookie cake, a chocolate chip cookie cake, or some other flavor. You can do a peanut butter cookie cake that has a chocolate frosting on it for a real delight. Shop the baking aisle and see which flavor you think will work best for your party.

While you’re at the store, pick up a pizza pan. They usually come in 14” or 16” sizes. You can find a cheap aluminum pan that you can throw out or invest in a more sturdy version if you plan on baking many cookie cakes or a few pizzas now and then.

Mix the cookie batter according to the recipe. Be sure that if the mix calls for softened butter that you do not rush the process and melt the butter in the microwave. You may be tempted, but the result will be a thinner, crisper cookie that doesn’t taste as good and may burn faster.

Grease the pizza pan and spread the cookie batter onto it. Spread it evenly so that no one spot is raised above the others. This will help the cookie bake evenly. That’s all you have to do. Now just pop it into the oven at the temperature the cookie mix recommends. It’s usually around 375 degrees or so. You’ll bake until the cookie is brown but not hard.

Here’s the part where many a cookie cake has gone awry. Never walk away into a separate part of the house while you are baking a cookie cake. You may get distracted by another task and find that your cookie is burnt beyond repair. Stay in the kitchen and set a timer for 20 minutes. When the minimum amount of time is reached, check the cookie. If it is nicely golden and not raw in the center, pull it out even if the whole 25 minutes hasn’t elapsed. You want it to come out of the oven while it is still semi soft. If you wait to pull it out when it’s already crisp, the cookie will be overdone. Heat will still continue to bake the cookie on the pan after it comes out of the oven, so you have to allow for that.

Next, cool the cookie. When it is completely cool, you can add your frosting decorations. Use icing from the store that comes in a tube so you can write on the cake. You can also pipe frosting around the edges.

If you think cookie cakes are fun, you'll have to check out cookie bouquets as well!