Why Springtime is Many People’s Favorite Season


Everyone loves spring. Some people call it their favorite season. If you live in a climate where there are four distinct seasons, you know how long winter can be. It can seem like spring is never going to arrive. But when it does, it brings such joy to those who step out into its splendor.

Spring has a beauty like no other. Cherry blossoms bloom, the smallest cracks in the snow reveal themselves as crocuses and daffodils. Soon there is a freshness in the air. The greenness that returns after a gray winter is a sight to behold.

The plants are certainly a reason to rejoice. After trees have gone bare over the winter, the return of shades of green is a delightful sight. When the first trees begin to turn green, it is in stark contrast to the dried out branches of the winter. New leaves mean new hope. If spring always returns, then there is hope that better things are coming.

Many people look forward to the fact that they can put away their winter coats, hats, and gloves. It can be so freeing to walk outside without even a jacket. Suddenly life’s problems seem lighter as well. There’s a promise in that fresh air that everything is going to work out fine.

When you roll down the car window or open the living room window for the first time in spring, it’s like a refreshing burst of happiness. There are fewer things more delightful than the smell of flowers wafting into the house for the first time in spring. It can do wonders to smell grass being mowed and children playing outside after a season cooped up behind closed windows.

Spring is also a time when we have less to maintain. Shorts and a t-shirt replace heavy sweaters. Slip on sneakers replace cumbersome boots. No more snow tires or scraping the car out from under an inch of ice before work. It’s a lighter time both physically and mentally.

Dreams begin to bloom in spring along with the flowers. It’s as if everything is possible. People start to clean out their attics and basements. Garage sales mean new treasures can be found for just a few dollars. Repainting furniture outside can be a very rewarding activity as can fixing up an old car or getting your motorcycle spiffed up for the season.

Spring means newness and a casting off of the old. If you are a lover of spring, you’re in good company. This year, why not start a new tradition? Every time spring rolls around, plan to do something new—see a new country, read a new type of book, learn a new language. It can be anything. You may find that you make new friends through your new abilities and interests. It’s never too late to start out on your dream. Many people decide to have a spring wedding to start their lives anew together!

Many new plans have been hatched in spring. It may be the ideal time for you to start selling your handicrafts at a flea market or opening a new business. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination. Take advantage of the extra daylight hours to foster your dream. Get outside and enjoy nature!