Father's Day Traditions Around The World

Father with Daughter

In America, when the third Sunday in June rolls around, everyone knows its Father’s Day. But in other countries, Father’s Day does not necessarily fall on that day. And different countries celebrate their dads in different ways. It’s fun to look at the traditions of Father’s Day around the world.

In the United States, Father’s Day means a day to honor dad. That’s pretty much a standard no matter where you go. American dads enjoy feasting on barbecues, Father's Day cookies or a meal out with the family. They receive cards, gifts, and treats of all kinds. Often the family will give dad the day off to do whatever he likes. Dads are honored for being the important members of the family and leaders of the household.

Other countries that celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June include Argentina, the Netherlands, France, Canada, Chile, Japan, England, and India. It’s interesting to note that in India, Father’s Day was never celebrated until around 2000! Fathers were always revered there, of course, but it has been the effect of the United States and the United Kingdom’s celebrations of the day that have had an effect on how India has changed their holiday.

Taking their cue from the Western world, India has declared the third Sunday in June to be their unique day for fathers. They look to the traditions of the west to include cards, gifts, and a day to lift up dad in praise. It’s catching on more now in the larger cities and more populated areas. The outlying areas haven’t really made it a huge tradition yet. But as more and more people find themselves swept up in the marketing of Father’s Day, dad is likely to get a bigger party every year.

Several countries, including Denmark and Norway, host their Father’s Day in November. Their celebrations of dad fall on the second Sunday. If you’re in Portugal, don’t expect to celebrate in June either. You’ll find dads being honored on St. Joseph’s Day on March 19th.  In Spain, the same holds true.

In Germany, the date changes each year. Fathers are celebrated on Ascension Thursday which falls exactly forty days after Easter.

Visiting Taiwan in August? Prepare to celebrate Father’s Day on August 8th if you’re there. And if you happen to be in Brazil around the same time, you’ll see Father’s Day celebrations the second Sunday in August.

If you’re in Thailand, December 5th is the day reserved for Father’s Day. It’s in honor of a past king. Australians will party with dad on the first Sunday in September and be joined by their neighbor, New Zealand.

Interestingly, Sweden also finds the first Sunday in September to be the proper day to honor dad.

Dads are revered the world over in many different ways and on many different dates. It doesn’t matter when or where you celebrate the important men in your life who have taught and guided you.

Just be sure to make the day special. A handwritten note or card is often the best Father's Day gift you can give a man to show him that he has meant so much to you over the years.

Get the kids involved to make their own brand of lovely gifts and cards for a truly memorable day for all.

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