Should I Find Out the Gender of My Baby?

From the time you first know you’re pregnant, you’re going to start imagining whether you are having a boy or a girl. You’ll spend plenty of hours dreaming about what baby will look like. There will be several weeks before you’ll have an ultrasound. That first ultrasound usually won’t be able to tell you whether you are having a boy or a girl. The baby is usually too undeveloped. So you may have to wait another couple of weeks until the next ultrasound. During that time, you will want to decide on whether or not you want the ultrasound technician to tell you what you are having.


There are many advantages to knowing whether you are having a boy or a girl. First, you can plan for a name. You may have to do some convincing and go a few rounds with your husband, but at least you’ll know if you should be looking at boy or girl names. If you do happen to pick a name, more power to you! Then you can start accessorizing with kids room door signs and other fun decor!

Another advantage is you can decorate the nursery. You can go ahead and start planning your theme based on the sex of the baby. If you’ve had your heart set on doing butterflies and roses, then go right ahead if you’re having a girl. If you have dreamed of circus trains and bright bold primary colors, you’ve can move full steam ahead if you are having a boy.

One final advantage is that others will know what to buy you for your baby shower. You’ll get blue things usually for a boy and pink for a girl. It will help them to know what sort of clothes and baby blankets you’ll be able to use. And if any of your friends want to donate baby items or toys, you’ll know whether to accept that Barbie kitchen or pass on it.


Not everyone wants to know the sex of their baby ahead of time. Believe it or not, some couples still choose to be surprised even in this age of modern technology. There is something endearing about doing things the old fashioned way. It is only fairly recently that couples were even given the option of knowing. A couple may also choose not to find out the sex because they just think it will make the pregnancy more exciting. Not knowing what to expect will keep things lively.

However, not knowing what you’re having means you can’t really go all out with the nursery decor and may have to do everything in yellow just in case. Also, people won’t know what to buy you so you may get an overabundance of yellow, green or purple clothes. These little things are just minor nuisances. There really is no drawback that should prevent you from keeping the sex a secret until the delivery room.

However, if you’re the type of parents who like to have everything planned to a T, the waiting may be too much for you. Keep in mind that if you’re having a healthy pregnancy, you may only get one ultrasound and not be offered another chance to find out. So be sure you discuss with your husband whether or not you want to know. Nine months is a long time to wait if you decide later that you want to know.

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