Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Image by Digital_Rampage on FlickrYour little superhero can leap block buildings in a single bound, is faster than a 2 ½ mile per hour speeding ride-on, stronger than flimsy plastic toys, and messier than ten normal children.  The life of a superhero is never dull – especially for his parents.  If your birthday boy has enough energy for the entire Justice League and a love for all things superhero, then why not give him a party that even Clark Kent would change into his blue tights for?  Here are some ideas for making a superhero birthday party as fantastic as all your child’s favorite characters.

Holy birthday party, Batman, it’s time to get going!  The first step in planning the party is to talk with your child about what he (or she!) would like.  Does he like a particular superhero, like Superman, Spiderman or Wolverine, or does he just like the overall idea of powerful beings with superhuman powers?  This will guide your planning, decorations, birthday gifts, menu, activities, birthday favors and cake decisions.

If your child has a particular hero in mind, the first step is to find invitations.  You can go on sites like and find invitations featuring your child’s favorite characters.  You can have personalized invitations, which include your child’s name and age, party date and time, location, and RSVP phone number, printed.  These cost about $1.25 each, so they would be ideal for smaller parties.  You can always find fill-in-the-blank style invitations at party supply stores.  You can also find free, printable templates online.

Image by Paul Schultz on FlickrA superhero party demands super decorations.  You can buy party supplies for a specific hero or a more general theme, or you could go with a less expensive option.  Instead of buying a ready-made party pack, focus your decorations around the colors that distinguish the superhero.  Superman, for instance, is bold blue, red, and gold.  Batman is dramatic black and yellow.  Buy streamers and balloons in these colors, and mix in a few character-themed Mylar balloons, which can double as party favors.

Don’t forget the bad guys.  Find pictures of the superheroes’ arch enemies online and print them as Wanted posters.

You can add to the festive atmosphere by buying a few yards of fabric in your superhero’s trademark color (red or blue always work for

a generic hero).  You can cut these to size, get some clothespins, and have the kids make their own capes.  Get some construction paper or paper plates, yarn, and markers, and have them make their masks.  This helps with the ambiance as well as giving the children an activity.

Train your future superheroes with an obstacle course.  Include a play tunnel or large cardboard box with the bottom cut out for them to crawl through, painted cereal boxes to be buildings for them to leap over, a chalk or tape line as a tightrope, hula hoops as windows to be jumped into or out of, and whatever other child-friendly obstacles you can think of.  At the end, have a stuffed buddy that needs rescuing.

Image by Carolyn Coles on FlickrFor the menu, freeze colored juice or water with food coloring in ice cube trays.  Serve a clear drink, like Sprite or water, and let the kids pick their own colored cubes.  You can tell them that the cubes give them superpowers.  You don’t have to plan a special menu, but make the food you do have more heroic.  Sandwiches, for instance, can be cut into bat shapes.  Birthday cookies can be cut into diamond-shaped Superman emblems and decorated with icing or edible markers.

At last, it’s time for the cake.  You can have a baker create a superhero cake with a mold or on a sheet cake with icing, or you could tackle the project yourself.  Bake a regular sheet cake.  When it is completely cool, carve it into a diamond shape and then ice.  With some colored icing, you have a great Superman insignia.  You could also decorate a cake in superhero red, white, and blue, and buy an inexpensive package of superhero cake toppers or figurines.  The kids will love it, and it is an easy and inexpensive option for you.

A super time will be had by all when you create a superhero-themed birthday party.