How To Create A Family Photo Gallery

Have you ever been to someone’s home and noticed that their photos look great. Everything just seems to work together and looks like it belongs there. Maybe when you get home you see lots of different photos scattered around the house. If you want a cohesive look to your family photos, start a family photo gallery.

The reason some people’s photos look like they are part of a whole set, while others look like they are a mismatched hodgepodge is largely due to the frame and the placement of the frame. If you slap a red frame on the coffee table, have a photo frame favor and a bright orange frame on the end table and a few green frames and baby photo frames on the shelves, it’s going to look like you did just that--slapped them down wherever. What you want is to make it appear as though your photo gallery was planned and intentional.

Start by taking a look at your frames. Are they old, outdated, and lackluster? You don’t have to throw them out. You can give them a makeover.

Remove all your photos from their frames. Choose a color that is neutral enough to blend with your home. Before you paint anything, choose a spot for your photo gallery. A great spot is on the wall going up the staircase. That’s unused space and if you group everything together there, it will look like an intentional design decision.

Try out a few frames on the wall. Without making holes in the wall, hold up a frame where you think it could go and then make a masking tape version of it on the wall. Use tape to mark all the spots and approximate sizes of the frames you have. Alternate big and small, tall and wide to create a collage of photo frames. If you don’t like where you’ve placed them, you can always pull the tape off and rearrange them. If you find you don’t have enough frames of the size you want, go and buy a few additional frames.

Paint all the frames one color. That’s the true key to a pretty and elegant family photo gallery. The photos will all be different, but the frames will tie the whole thing together. Another way to go is to copy all your photos on a copy machine so they are all black and white and then use the copies in the frame. It gives a very artsy feel. Or, if your photos are newer, print them in black and white from your computer. But most people want to include photos from the past of older relatives. Back in the day, there was no digital photography, so you’re going to get various degrees of photographic excellence. Black and white copies will keep all the photos looking cohesive.

When the frames are dry, get ready to hang your gallery. Hammer a nail into the space where you placed the first masking tape outline. Be aware of the hole in the frame, if it has one you’ll need to put the nail at that location. Remove the tape for that photo after you have inserted the nail and hang. If your frame has no hole for hanging, hot glue some ribbon to the back and hang the ribbon from the nail instead.

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