New Baby Clothing Necessities

Image by Joe Shlabotnik on FlickrWhen you first find out you’re going to be a mother, all sorts of thoughts rush through your head. One thing that will start to concern you is how you’re going to prepare for baby’s arrival. Will you have the right items? What do you even need for a baby? You’ll get plenty of advice from well-meaning family and friends, so don’t worry about the specifics. You know you’ll need a crib and diapers. So, once you get those out of the way, concentrate on stocking up baby’s closet.

Babies do need a number of different clothing items, along with their precious baby blankets!  Since you’re not going to have a whole lot of time, or the desire, to go out shopping after baby comes home from the hospital, get everything ready well before you have your baby.

What are the absolute necessities and what are just for fun? It’s hard to tell if you’ve never had a baby before. Everything looks so cute and cuddly. You have to start somewhere, so go with the basics.

Every baby needs at least the following items:

  • Several long sleeved undershirts or onesies that snap at the bottom, newborn sized
  • Several short sleeved undershirts or onesies for wearing under layers, newborn sized
  • Rompers or one piece cotton outfits for awake times, you’ll need many of these as babies tend to wet themselves, spit up, or soil themselves without warning. Start with newborn sizes but have three-and six-month sizes ready to go to. Of course don't forget the baby bibs!
  • Sleeping sacks. These are one piece items made of cotton that have a drawstring bottom. They are ideal for newborns as you can quickly undo the bottom drawstring, change a diaper, and get baby back to sleep with little hassle or disturbance. Buy these in newborn, but also three-and six-month sizes.
  • Diapers, diapers, and more diapers. If you are using cloth diapers, you’ll need those waterproof diaper covers to prevent leakage onto clothes. If you’re using disposable, get newborn and small sizes now to have on hand.
  • Socks. Baby’s feet can get cold quickly, so stock up on socks. They’re so small that they’re barely there, but you’ll need them just the same. Consider washing them in a lingerie bag when the time comes. Otherwise they’ll disappear in the dryer.
  • Cute outfits for when you take baby out to the doctor’s or to Grandma’s. The best outfits are one piece or a pull on pair of pants without zippers or snaps and a onesie type shirt that snaps at the bottom. These will stay on the best and will not rub against baby’s delicate skin. You may be tempted to put baby in cute ornamented outfits with buttons and ruffles, but these can be irritating to newborn skin. If you must, dress baby up for a few minutes, snap a photo and then dress her in cotton play clothes again.
  • A coat sack if you have a winter baby. If you are bringing baby home from the hospital in winter, you’ll need a coat that is also a bunting sack. These ingenious outfits have cutouts where the seatbelt of the car seat has to go through. So you can leave baby right in her coat sack and click her in safely into her seat.

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