Inexpensive or Free Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Card

Father’s Day is a day to revere dad for all he does for the family. It’s a time for fun and indulgence and levity. But it doesn’t have to be a big day of expensive Father's day gifts. You can treat dad to an inexpensive, or even free, Father’s Day gift this year. And you may end up having the most fun you ever have.

Some wonderful things exist for free around the country. Why not take advantage of museums, parks and events that are completely free? Every community has something you can do for free on Father’s Day. The Internet is a great resource when you’re trying to find free or low cost things to do around your home town.

Start by searching at the local chamber of commerce. Most major cities will have a site that points to all the arts events in the area. You can look up museums, parks, zoos, and events that are family friendly. Just be prepared that on Father’s Day things won’t usually be free. So you can plan to go with dad on the day before, the Saturday, or on another day around Father’s Day. If you can go during the week, that’s even better as usually there is a free or low cost day during the week at most places. See if you can arrange for dad to get the day off and make a day of it.

Other things you can do for free are to take dad to the park and have a picnic or play some Frisbee. An outing can be a lot of fun especially if you don’t usually get to spend uninterrupted time as a family. If there’s a park that has a natural waterfall, bridge, or other interesting landmark or eye catching point of interest, plan on having your picnic there. Bring a blanket and a cooler full of all dad’s favorite foods and even some yummy Father's day cookies, decorated by the children who love him. You can really get creative and make everything from scratch. Or you can buy everything and save time and effort. Just be sure to pack the cooler with lots of ice and also bring some hand sanitizer as often water and bathrooms, if they exist at all at parks, can be far from your picnic site.

Making gifts is always a fun way to get the kids involved. This year, make use of free software programs online like Picasa, which is powered by Google. You can create entire collages, scrapbooks and photo gifts easily. Upload to sites like and you can make t-shirts, mugs and more all with the kids’ or dad’s image on them. They cost little and if you order one for everyone in the family, you may qualify for a discount.

Use your imagination and you’ll be able to skip the high-end stores with the high end price tags.  Make something or create a lasting memory by taking dad out into nature or to a free arts event this year for Father’s Day. It’s the memories that count. You won’t remember if you got dad a tie last year, but you’ll sure remember the fun you all had splashing in the pool or kicking around a soccer ball at the park. Create new memories this year on Father’s Day and you’ll have them forever.

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